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We are a big failure

I do not remember how many times I have urged the government to resolve the intractable local issues before external forces intervene and force their decisions on us, but ‘wisdom’ may have prevented the government from doing so.

We have failed miserably to keep a track of the hundreds of millions of dollars collected and distributed by the so-called charity societies — money collected in the form of donations from ordinary people.

Much of this money has been channeled to destroy the minds of our sons and brainwash them to kill their compatriots and kin, blow themselves up in places of worship, and train and finance the terrorists, occupy the cities of others and carry out all sorts of illegal activities.

When the West world got tired of our hesitation and our inability and realized that we are a big failure, the US Treasury dispatched dozens of inspectors, in clear violation of our sovereignty, to examine our method of disbursing the donated money and succeeded in keeping in check chaos that prevailed in most charities. The inspectors also discovered our method of charity was far from perfect and to add insult to injury the destinations where the money was sent remain unknown.

The same can be said of the security situation at our airport. People wanted by law in connection with financial or criminal charges have repeatedly managed to leave and return to the country more than once.

We cannot forget the loopholes at our maritime and land borders. The ease with which the weapons and forbidden stuff are smuggled into the country while the Customs officers and securitymen are preoccupied with trivial issues. This is a waste of time.

They are more interested in punishing a person for attempting to smuggle a bottle of alcohol into the country or punishing women for wearing swimming suits on a beach. They appear happy and satisfied when they put ‘handcuffs’ on a drunkard or a homosexual as if these people are more dangerous than those who brainwash our youth or those whose hearts are filled with venom.

Our demands to amend the school curriculum to come out of the circle radicalism have been dreadfully slow because time has not been on our side.

The demands from us and others to close the College of Sharia have fallen on deaf ears although we are fully aware this college poses a threat to the security of our homeland and the world.

The output of this college are people like the one who boasted he can slit the necks of 10 Shiites in public and others who in front of large crowds bragged about killing hundreds of Shiites in Raqqa and Mosul. Such people plant hatred in the hearts of others.

In the same context, and in response to a question, the US Secretary of State told Congress that one of the achievements of Trump’s visit to Riyadh was the establishment of a center to combat extremist religious discourse and the publication of new school textbooks void of extremism to be taught and supervised by Riyadh inside and outside the Kingdom.

The center is expected to immediately withdraw old books, disseminate its message through social media and train new teachers and imams and America will work to strengthen this center and monitor its work.

Will we see this American role in Kuwait soon or we are alert to the situation and hasten to change our curricula and make it more human?

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


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