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Saturday , March 28 2020

‘Wars, poverty, joblessness spike trafficking of humans’ – 3 companies probed in 2018

KUWAIT CITY, April 1: “Human trafficking is getting worse as long as there are conflicts, wars, unemployment and poverty,” according to Amnesty International member Mishari Al-Sanad, reports Al-Qabas daily.

More than 21 million people in the world are suffering from trafficking, exploitation and slavery. “In October 2018, three companies were referred to the Prosecution on charges of trafficking in human beings after bringing in 1,500 workers on government contracts and leaving them on the street, said Al-Sanad.

In March 2019, the residence investigation department referred the case of human trafficking to the prosecution after the involvement of 5 farmers (on paper) bringing in 600 workers on their farms.

He pointed out that the deputy director of the Office of Monitoring and Combating Human Trafficking in the US State Department, submitted to Kuwait 10 recommendations from the United States regarding human trafficking and reform of the sponsorship system and to continue to expand awareness raising efforts and train law enforcement officials to identify victims of human trafficking and address violations of employment.

In turn, the President of the Human Rights Association Dr Yousef Al-Saqr said the issue of the business in visa trading is still ongoing for several reasons, including the greed of some employers and influential people to make easy money.

He pointed out that the residence trade has many aspects, including the recruitment of workers by fictitious companies and promising them jobs, and then they are left in the streets without any job. “We also find some people working abroad while brokers at home work as intermediaries to lure some workers by bringing their relatives or friends for money.

On the cases received by the association, Al-Saqr said: “There are complaints about the seizure of passports and refusal by the owner of the company to transfer the residence of the worker to another company on the grounds that he is one of the founders of his company, as well as by filing arbitrary absconding cases against the workers.

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