Want divorce

I am an Indian living in Kuwait with my wife and son. My wife is a teacher working in a school. My son is on my dependent residence (Article 22) and my wife is on the school’s residence (Article18). We got married in India in 2000. Now we have decided to live separately.

Currently, we are living together but with mutual understanding, we are planning to live separately after completing all the divorce formalities. Her name is not on my passport. I have our marriage certificate attested by India.

Could you please tell me what are the procedures I need to follow to get a divorce

Name withheld
Answer: We can’t give you an accurate answer until both of you tell us which religion you belong to because there is a different procedure for each. For example, if you are Muslims we need to know whether you are Sunnis or Shias.

Or one of you could be a Muslim and the other a non- Muslim. Or both of you could be Christians, etc. So, please furnish the details and we will detail the procedure for you.

If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for the answer, please contact your embassy and check with them. Some of the embassies also allow the divorce proceedings to be filed with them.

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