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‘Vote for sunny tomorrow’

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ahmad Al-Sarraf

The Arab region has been facing threats from the religious terrorist organizations, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood group — the mother of all of them. These terrorist groups have put the region on the road to catastrophe, unlike at any other time in the Arab region’s modern history.

Most of these religious parties have offended and harmed the human, economic, urban and legislative development and also the security. These parties have not only stopped the wheel of progress but taken these countries into the realm of backwardness.

If we look at life 40 years ago in the streets of our cities, the social and humanitarian situation in the region, we will be shocked and surprised. Nothing has remained the same, everything has changed for the worse and the situation continues to get worse every day because of the negativities in almost everything we touch or feel.

If we compare the photographs of the same period with the photographs of other countries, we will find over the years these countries have evolved from the human, industrial and social point of view to keep pace with the other countries. They have moved forward and we have not.

Only the Middle Eastern Arab states have been the exceptions to the rule. These states have undergone the changes different from the rest of the world because their focus was confined to the less significant issues such as luxury cars, buildings and streets.

“In contrast the faces have become more serious and grimmer, the clothes have increased in length and in a strange manner, and family relations have become more disturbing due to religious misconceptions and disputes between a son and his father and between brothers and everything fell apart because of our religious interpretations.

The societal acrimony and religious discrimination have become deep-rooted, because we paid more attention to religious issues according to our whims at the expense of the requirements of life but failed at both levels.

If we go to India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, or the European and other Asian or African countries, we find that the changes there are on par with the laws of the nature but we in spite of having good universities such as the universities of Beirut, Cairo, Tunisia, Syria and Iraq we lag behind because the outputs from these universities have been miserable.

We also had humanitarian associations but since then they have disappeared after they fell under the control of the extremists and militants.

We also had a promising new beginning, our curriculum was advanced and everything went well, but all this disappeared after we closed the door on women and blocked out light and air. We made our women subjected to the thoughts and opinions of the leaders of al-Qaeda and DAESH leaders and their followers who succeeded in persuading some people in the region about their opinions.

Therefore, over the past two or three decades we have headed the list of countries which lack transparency and democracy — countries where growth and development has stopped because we have continuously shunned humanity.

Though some believed that the reason for the failure of Egypt, for example, where the Muslim Brotherhood group has grown and affected the country more than the others, was due to limited resources and increasing population, the response is that nowhere in the world the situation has gone from bad to worse. A perfect example countries like India and China where the population has been increasing and in millions every year, but that did not stop their progress.

I write here in the hope of cautioning those who did not pay attention to the risk of the Brotherhood. There is a need not to vote for the candidates of the religious parties, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, the party that had earlier boycotted the previous elections and had vowed never to return if the situation remained the same.

Now they have gone back on their promise and broken their vows, not because they love the goodness, and bring hope to the homeland, but to achieve their ambitions and their personal interests and their love for worldly belongings.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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