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Visitor in Iran has rights

“The value of each one of us is based on the level of our self belief” – Iranian revolutionary Dr Ali Shariat (1933-1977).

Faleh has many fans. He is known to his followers on social media for his trips in Europe onboard a classic 70s sports car — the famous “Datsun 280 Z”, also famously known as “Nissan Fairlady Z”.aleh Jama’an Al-Azmi is a Kuwaiti youth in his prime who only has a father because his mother has died. He is a travelling hobbyist who loves to travel on land.

One day he decided to return to Kuwait through the Islamic Republic of Iran. As part of his preparations, he applied for entry visa into Iran and received it through the Iranian Embassy in Kuwait.

His decision to return to Kuwait through Iran was based on various reasons but most important of all was to see the captivating sites in Iran especially since the country is known for its first class-tourism and fascinating nature as well as the hospitality of the Iranians. Faleh wanted to experience this during his return to Kuwait through Iran despite having other options. He thus entered the country legally through the border crossing between Iran and the Republic of Georgia.

However, several kilometers after crossing the border, he was detained by Iranian security officers for entering restricted area.

To his misfortune, the navigation device he was using had malfunctioned. This kind of incident commonly happens to those who use such devices to brave their way in journey.

After he was pulled over, Faleh was referred for questioning to the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards.

According to news reports, he has been referred to the prosecution. Without any doubt, such a procedure is the sovereign right of Iran and it is understandable, given that suspicion and accusation fall into the security authority’s docket.

At the same time, we trust the Iranian judiciary system, and we do not think it will show oppression in the case of this young man.

Kuwait and Iran have shared age-old strong relations. His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who is known as the master of politics, shares brotherly ties with his counterpart, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the Supreme Leader Ali Khomeini.

I am certain that Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will spare no effort in reaching out to our brothers in Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to find a solution for solving this simple problem. I also trust that the Kuwaiti Embassy in Tehran will not fail in following up this matter.

Iran is a peaceful country. It is a neighboring country to Kuwait where thousands of Kuwaitis go to annually either for tourism or religious purposes especially to Mashhad and Qom cities.

I have never heard anyone criticize or complain about the authorities or the people of Iran. It was probably based on this good repute that the youth Al-Azmi must have chosen Iran as his last transit before reaching his country Kuwait. But then what happened has happened.

Therefore I wish the brothers in Iran will deal with the issue of this youth on humanitarian basis and in accordance with Islamic ethics.

In fact I expect him to be treated as an honorable guest among the generous people of Iran. A guest has rights over his host. I expect this misunderstanding will be dealt with shortly. This is my expectation from a neighboring country which boasts of highly-valued civilization and a great history.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi


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