Thursday , January 17 2019

Visit Visa for husband – Married in USA

I’m working in Kuwait and in the process of applying for a visit visa for my husband. Although not US citizens we were married in the US, so we got our marriage certificate notarized in the US this Christmas. However the immigration officer at the Kuwait passport office would not accept this notarized copy saying it has to be stamped by the US embassy.

1. does the US embassy provide that service? Or

2. Do I just carry the original certificate and the copy to the Kuwait ministry of interior and then return to passport office?

My confusion is that I read online that the embassy can’t “legalize” that document. Please see attachment and advise me. Thank you

Name withheld

Answer: There is point in carrying the original and copy of the certificate to the ministry or to the Immigration Department since the certificate will not be accepted as it has not been attested to as to whether the US embassy provides such a service why not go to the embassy to check instead of relying on an unauthenticated online information that ‘confuses’ you.


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