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Visa traders violated Kuwait’s humanity

Voices among Kuwaitis grow louder to punish them

KUWAIT CITY, Apr 2: To punish the visa traders and their representatives campaign is in popular demand and efforts must be made to make it a success and work to uncover those who have gained from selling visas and leave the workers jobless in open in Kuwait from which they made huge sums of money with this criminal act.

The representative of Public Welfare Associations stressed that silence on visa traders is a crime and an insult to Kuwait’s humanitarian record. The government is currently enjoying unprecedented public support and should invest in fixing the loop holes.

Lulwa AlMulla

President of the Women’s Cultural Association Lulwa Al-Mulla stated a campaign has been launched yesterday to indicate importance and seriousness of this issue. Al Mulla said that the impact of what visa traders has been doing is so clear and obvious looking at the demographics which the civil society institutions warned even before the epidemic of coronavirus outbreak took place and today we are placed to face it in a painful situation.

She said “What also hurts us is the inhuman treatment of these poor people who are brought in from various countries after each of them has sold their precious items to make a better destiny and to their surprise unfortunately inhuman treatment they faced in this country of humanity and it is something that is absolutely unpleasing for all of us”.

Al-Mulla stressed that it is necessity to prosecute and hold visa traders and hold the ministries responsible for this situation namely the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Social Affairs responsible for their failure over the past years to address this long-standing situation.

She explained that the corona crisis exposed the invisible and now we have a favorable opportunity after it became clear to us the size and gravity of this tragedy and the current circumstance must be used to address the entire issue.

She stated that it is importance of reveal the names of residency dealers and expose them to everyone and that some people should not manipulate up by talking about the expats in general as there is no problem with the expats who came legally into this country and has a specific work to contribute to building Kuwait.

Mulla said “I hope and expect the parliament to discuss this and take the case seriously because of the seriousness and that priority be given to other issues”.

Dr. Youssef Al-Saqer

President of the Kuwait Human Rights Society Dr. Youssef Al-Saqer thanked the sources for raising of this issue of visa traders which had come to light last year.

It is highly regretful that visa traders have considerable influence and to the point have been making claims that they have been charging only for travel costs of these workers as required. In this campaign against visa traders it is needed to hold them accountable and bring them to justice and even the confiscation their funds accumulated in an unlawful way through legal channels and close their companies who have been trading in human beings.

He pointed out that it is also important to give these workers their rights before they are voluntarily returned to their countries, noting that the issue of human trafficking has been raised regularly in international forums as well as in the report of the US State Department that Kuwait has been trafficking human beings.

He pointed out that we are now facing an economic and health crisis due to the conditions of the coronavirus epidemic, which necessitates dealing with this issue as soon as possible, pointing out that the Human Rights Association is making great efforts with various authorities to provide justice to those who can be equated with these workers.

Ibrahim Al-Mulaifi

Ibrahim Al-Mulaifi, President of the Alumni Association, said that we are facing a case that has been raised and alerting decision-makers over seriousness of this issue for past three decades that witnessed discord, which necessitates addressing this issue immediately, whether from a humanitarian or moral point of view, as well as to preserve Kuwait’s external reputation.

Al-Mulaifi added that we needed a violent earthquake and unfortunately it came through the Corona crisis which brought the spotlight back on the issue and decision-makers have to tackle it.

He stated that the government is enjoying popular and unprecedented parliamentary support today and therefore it must invest this support in taking all necessary measures whether by enacting legislation or approving procedures and investing the cooperation of the National Assembly, whose deputies greeted the government with applause, which is a precedent in the history of Kuwaiti parliamentary life.

He stated that the government is required to review the studies previously submitted by the Supreme Council for Planning for Implementation, especially that this issue in its current timing will reveal to us the seriousness of the government.

There is no crime in the world without an actor and a victim and we cannot be satisfied with pointing the blame on the expats for being victims they brought in an uncivilized way, they were thrown into the streets which makes it imperative for the government to expose these visa traders to public without favoring anyone from them.

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