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Visa must for stranded expats

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Kuwaiti woman can sponsor expat husband, kids

KUWAIT CITY, March 25: The Ministry of Interior affirmed that a Kuwaiti woman when married to a expatriate man has the right to sponsor her husband and children, provided none of them work for a public or private institution, and provided that this Kuwaiti woman had not acquired the Kuwaiti citizenship through a marriage to a Kuwaiti man. This is in addition to a non-Kuwaiti wife and non- Kuwaiti children have the right to obtain a residence permit.

In its response to an article which was published by Al-Qabas on January 20, 2021, the Ministry said that the Residence Affairs Sector appreciates and values the role played by the various visual, audio and print media outlets in presenting ideas, visions, proposals and criticisms related to security issues and topics of concern to the homeland and citizens.

Meanwhile, the ministry said a domestic worker whose residence has expired when he/she was outside the country, it is considered invalid by the force of law, and in the event he/she wishes to enter the country again, he/she must apply for the entry visas and follow all new procedures. The same applies for workers who are stranded outside. However, the worker must have the approval of the Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies in the Council of Ministers.

The sources added with regard to foreign children residing in the country and if their residence permit expired when their father was outside the country, they are served until the father enters the country, and then are allowed to adjust their status or leave the country if the father fails to return.

All new visas issued to workers, including domestic workers require the approval of the Corona Emergency Ministerial Committee in the Council of Ministers. Regarding foreign residents whose sponsor has died, they must adjust their status in the country, obtain residence permit in accordance with the procedures followed in this regard, or leave the country if they do not obtain the residence permit.

Meanwhile, the official spokesperson of the Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) Eng. Saad Al-Otaibi says the Cabinet has decided to exempt those who received the COVID-19 vaccine approved by Kuwait from institutional quarantine upon arrival at Kuwait International Airport from overseas. However, they must adhere to home quarantine for a period of seven days, and then undergo a PCR test of the seventh day from the date of arrival. This is based on the health recommendation, reports Aljarida daily.

In a press statement, Eng. Al-Otaibi affirmed that the Cabinet’s decision to prevent non- Kuwaitis from entering the country is still in effect until further notice, adding, “Therefore, the decision to exempt those who received the vaccine is limited to Kuwaitis and those who are excluded from entering the country.” Regarding the groups exempted from institutional quarantine, he explained that those who received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and completed more than two weeks since the second dose are exempted. Also those who received the first dose of the vaccine and completed five weeks thereafter are also exempted. The third category includes those who recovered from COVID-19 infection, received the first dose of the vaccine and completed more than two weeks thereafter.

Elaborating on the excluded groups, Eng. Al-Otaibi said the health authorities have excluded Kuwaiti students and children of Kuwaiti women studying abroad and those of similar status from institutional quarantine. However, they must submit a letter issued by the Kuwaiti Cultural Attaché, stating that the student is enrolled in a foreign university. Otherwise, they can also submit proof of their enrollment in universities, institutes or schools and of their attendance there. He highlighted that there is an exception for diplomatic missions accredited to Kuwait and their family members as well as visiting official delegations from registering on the “Kuwait Traveler” app, with the need to present a PCR test certificate with negative result of less than 72-hour validity as well as undergo another PCR test upon entry in the country.

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