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The ‘victim’ executed – Castle falls with heart

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
An Egyptian journalist and writer the late Anis Mansour (1925–2011) once said, “A woman is a huge castle; if her heart falls, it falls with it”.

Women have clear and pure hearts. They possess the kindest hearts on the face of the earth. They are very sensitive and transparent. However, when they become frustrated, all these attributes turn to the opposite.

Women give unconditionally and limitlessly. It is important to understand that I am talking about real women — the ones to whom celestial religions and laws of civilization have given rights and appreciated them in the best possible way. She is the world and its pillars, the kindest being after Allah.

There is an old phrase — If you prepare a woman properly, she becomes the best mother. If you prepare the mother properly, she becomes an institution from where excellent nations evolve and blossom.

In a tragic story with a dominating theme of “love and revenge”, the scenario portrayed in a clear manner the self of a woman, which came to an end in the execution chambers. The tragedy reached its peak when one of the women — a sincere and loving wife — heard that her husband is planning to take a second wife.

This news was broken to her by her loving husband. The arrangements had already been made including the place and time when the wedding will take place. This will be the start of something that she did not expect would happen to her and did not even see it coming.

The wife lost her mind after experiencing series of emotions such as pain, anger and confusion about what was happening to her life and her future with her husband, who was seeking to marry another woman.

On the wedding night, the enraged wife decided to vent out the fire that was consuming her from the inside. The most we can assume was that she just wanted to set a part of the wedding tent on fire without intending to kill anyone.

Unfortunately, the flames went out of control and the little fire, which she thought would send a strong message of disapproval to her-about-to-marry-another-wife husband, went out of control. Within a few seconds, if not minutes, the fire caused a stampede and went on to devour a huge number of people.

Lives were lost in that tent where all the guests were women and children. The incident shocked many in the society. The wife who was responsible for the fire ended up falling in the hands of the law with the labels — “Criminal” and “Murderer”.

It was a huge catastrophe from every dimension; neither did the human rights representatives sympathize with her nor did those from women societies stood for her. Worst of all, she was not shown mercy by anyone, not even the law, which ordered her execution by hanging — a deserved retribution for her actions.

She was hanged on a cold early morning. If we further peruse the entire incident, we will realize that it was perhaps under a similar weather condition that her husband broke the news to her of his intention to remarry.

I am not saying that I am against the principle of marrying more than a wife — this is a legal right endorsed by the law. However, it is clear that jealousy and restriction overwhelmed the heart of that woman, leading her to commit this crime even though she repeatedly insisted that it was unintentional and she would never even think of taking a single life.

Innocent lives perished during that wedding celebration. We pray Almighty Allah will have mercy on them and grant them paradise. May He have mercy on the “victim” and forgive her sins, and may the death penalty be the expiation for her crime.

Twitter: @alzmi1969

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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