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Tuesday , January 31 2023

Vengeance on Nasrallah removes Al-Hariri’s tranquilizer

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

LEBANON did not need the oil that Hassan Nasrallah poured on the burning crisis by inciting majority of the citizens who filled the public squares from the far north to the far south of the country.

The response of southerners in defiance to Nasrallah’s speech is nothing but a clear expression of disobedience from where he used to consider as his stronghold, which he was using for monopolizing political decisions used for his destructive regional project. Due to this, the order from Nasrallah to Hezb ministers and lawmakers that they should maintain silence and steer clear of the picture, as reported in the media, implies recognition of the level of mess the Hezb has found itself.

It is true that the Lebanese clearly demand collapse of the political system and removal of all blocs that have ruled and still rule since the end of the 1990 civil war. However, the basic demand is that the Hezb gang should stay away from everything. They cry out loud that Hezb weapons should be handed over to the state that is no longer timid or under a one-sided control.

It is impossible to say that this is the demand of just the March 14 Group, as there is a unified Lebanese environment consisting of all factions that are demanding for unification of the state decision. Its basic passage is to wipe out duplicity of weapon leading to the country being held hostage by Iran to an extent of putting it in the tunnel of international sanctions, poverty and disguised repression.

Yesterday, the dummy fell completely when everybody repudiated those who are responsible for that duplicity. This is after the public fury forced the government to approve a series of reforms. The groups initially tried to distance themselves from it as it did not serve their personal and political interests, but the unified position in Lebanon has made them approve it within hours. This could have been done three years ago or even more than 29 years ago, not today.

It is unfortunate that this decision depended on dropping order from the leadership that has been desecrated by the Iranian weapon “Hezbollah” to benefit from the partnership of corrupt sharing through which the public debt has reached about $100 billion, and the rate of unemployment increased to 36 percent. The migration rate rose to an alarming level within the past ten years, so much that international institutions regard Lebanon as a country where old people live while the young people live outside.

The Lebanese, who have been on the streets for six consecutive days, do not want a return to the far state. They do not want any leader who will brag that his wealth and weapon is from Iran while challenging the global feeling of the Shiites by saying, “Khomeini is the Hussein of this era”. He should not be the one to incite Yemenis, Iraqis, Bahrainis, Saudis and Kuwaitis against their governments, meddle in the Syrian affairs by killing its citizens, and provoke Egypt with the illusion of being a regional super power, when in actual fact he is nothing more than a small agent in the expansion project.

It is true that the demonstration in Lebanon has to do with the standard of living, but it encompasses an action against the Hezb weapon and Nasrallah. If this dilemma is unlocked, then Lebanon is out of the crisis and its problems will be solved. Therefore, the response to reforms that Lebanese people regard as tranquilizers can no longer take them off the streets, because the basic problem is not solved.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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