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Thursday , April 22 2021


CORRUPTION fills the country. Chaos pervades its distant and near streets and neighborhoods, as the law is being violated publicly during the day and the supervisory authorities that are entrusted with enforcing the law work on people (account to the people and others) as we live in an unprecedented stage of chaos and violation of the law …

In order to avoid talking randomly, I will tell you this unpleasant story that I heard from the victims of selectivity and moodiness in the application of our laws, some of which are outdated.

The place is in a large, famous mall and the shop has a foreign name. It sells high-end and branded items. The time is 8:00 am and the store does not open until 10:00 am. The store manager saw a break in the routine of the salesmen and saleswomen – more than 10 employees – as she allowed them to exercise with decent music in the background. They diverged from each other and performed active movements with the music inside the store. None of the mall visitors  arrived because it was too early.

Then a preacher passed by. It could be deduced from his appearance that he is an Imam or Muezzine or something similar. He was shocked at the sight of the employees of the foreign shop, so he filmed them using his mobile phone.

After the Imam took a video of them, he immediately went to the law enforcement department at the Ministry of Interior and showed them the video. He asked them to punish those who practiced mixed sports, even though they did so in their own place and not in the mall or the street.

Although the law and morals prohibit violating the privacy of others by photographing or filming them, and even though that act is not criminalized by any law around the globe, the investigations men of internal integrity and peculiarity responded to the request of the protector of virtue “which is according to his size!” So, they arrested the employees of the shop and detained them for more than “three days” and threatened them with deportation, imprisonment, and the penalties in the brain of the “complainant” and the men of interior by selectively, and then they were released.

Here we have to say to the men of the Ministry of Interior that they committed what is considered a black mark on Kuwait’s human rights record. They violated the highest articles of the Constitution.

This is in addition to the fact that the societies which exported to us this exaggeration and extremism for decades have opened up and migrated forever.  The best example of this is our great sister, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and many of the brotherly Gulf Cooperation Council countries which preceded it, not to mention the major Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and others …

Kuwait, where corruption and violation of laws have been seen in public while the police are watching, along with many other troubles … Do you intend to turn it into Utopia?  We hope to do that by punishing the corrupt and those who violate laws, regardless of their nationalities and origins.

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