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Unsustainable training cause of cadet officers’ death, says report

Condition of ‘critically ill’ 3rd cadet improves

Kuwait’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah arrives at the hospital to visit the non-commissioned officers.

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: The condition of one of the three cadet officers, whose condition was described as ‘serious’ and was in intensive care unit of a hospital is said to have improved, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a cadet officer, whose identity has not been disclosed, said one of the officers subjected the victims to hard unsustainable training which resulted in the deterioration of the health of the cadet trainee officers.

The father of one of the cadet officers is said to have filed a complaint with the Shuwaikh Police Station accusing a lieutenant colonel of treating the trainees with utmost cruelty and forcing them to train under the direct heat of the sun for long periods, preventing them to drink fluids and obliging them to carry bricks.

In his complaint, the father added that his son is suffering from various bruises on his body suffered as a result of kicks from the officer. The father says he wants the law to be applied on the officer. “This is what I demand, nothing more,” he said.

Meanwhile, the investigator of the Shuwaikh Police Station demanded that the complaint should be added to the file of the two death cases of the cadet officers. He will also summon the lieutenant colonel for questioning and will visit the cadet officer whose health has improved.

MP Dr Adel Al-Dumakhi stressed the father has the right to file a lawsuit and seek justice for his son. There was no intention to kill anyone, but the perpetrator must be punished so such incidents do not occur again.

He also called for thorough investigation and the transfer of those responsible for this tragedy to the Prosecution. “The repetition of such incidents in the College of Officers suggests there is structural and institutional defect that needs to be dealt with because there were similar incidents two years ago,” MP Osama Al- Shaheen said.

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