Sunday , December 16 2018

UN’s Ban bias violates Moroccan sovereignty

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

NONE of the former United Nations (UN) secretary-generals took a biased action similar to that of incumbent Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who highlighted the Western Sahara case; regarding it as an occupied land as if he has forgotten or disregarded, or maybe, he is ignorant — it does not really matter — of the fact that the UN and the international community have acknowledged sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over the southern provinces and the huge development projects that the Kingdom is currently implementing there. Add to this the fact that a mammoth crowd in these provinces welcomed King Mohammed VI last November, particularly in Al-Oyoun City whose people expressed allegiance to their country.

Perhaps, Ban Ki-moon needs to review the history of the Moroccan struggle against the Spanish occupation of these provinces for about 92 years. He may review the history of the caravans of martyrs ‘presented’ by the Moroccans to liberate the provinces. Probably, he needs to review how Spain and some neighboring countries ‘pushed’ a rebellion movement to announce separation of the provinces from the motherland. This is in addition to the international denunciation of such movement, which tens of countries classified as a rebel group working towards terrorism.

It seems the South Korean diplomat wants to increase the number of shameful deeds in his last year as UN Secretary-General by twisting facts and utilizing them to serve a hidden interest which he knows well. Yet, it is apparent that he cannot help himself as he failed, through his position, to impose the international will on several areas of bloody conflict in different countries. Accordingly, he is trying to ignite the fire of bias in a case through which some countries are keen on maintaining tension in Western Sahara; particularly the non-centralized administration that the Kingdom suggested and the concerned parties have agreed on.

Perhaps, Ban Ki-moon needs to be aware that Algeria, which is the historical political partner of the Mullah regime in instigating chaos in the Arab world, impeded decision-making on the case of Western Sahara. Moreover, the UN Secretary-General chose to visit Algeria and then moved illegally to the bases of the rebel movement to announce a stance which made the international organization favor the team that violated the Moroccan sovereignty and territories of the Kingdom. He might have forgotten that some lawmakers are from the southern provinces and they carry out their legislative activities inside the Moroccan Parliament. He might have forgotten that these lawmakers condemned his stance which aimed to satisfy the parties opposing the rights of Morocco and its sovereignty over the southern provinces. These lawmakers even called for condemnation of the deliberate provocation against the feelings of the Moroccans.

Was it futile for Ban Ki-moon to keep on adopting his failed policy on expressing concern over each case referred to the Security Council or the international organization, instead of ending his diplomatic journey by committing such plummeting action that history will condemn?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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