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Tuesday , August 11 2020

Unmask the truth about the Iranian pilgrimage

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

DURING the last pilgrimage season the Mullah regime did not hide its covert operations following the fabricated stampede which was the work of the Iranian Basij who had mingled with the pilgrims and now the Iranians after shouting foul are calling for internationalizing the supervision of the pilgrimage. After the suggestion was rejected by the entire Muslim world, which would mean denying Saudi Arabia sovereignty over the Two Holy Mosques in violation of the international laws and decisions issued by the Organization of Islamic Conference, the Iranian leaders resorted to new tactics and called for internationalizing the supervision of the Two Holy Mosques under the pretext of protecting the Iranian pilgrims. This is a political tactic used by Tehran to impose its conditions on Riyadh.

This and many other conditions which the Iranian delegation with support from the Persian media tried to force on Saudi Arabia urges us to call on Saudi Arabia to disclose the minutes of the discussions and the conditions put forth by Iran. The aim is not to deepen the crises but to resist continuous Iranian attempts to distort facts and taking the Saudi patience for granted. Saudi Arabia has been performing this fiducial duty in total Islamic spirit relying on the tenets of Islam and Hajj away from politics.

Since the beginning of Islam and throughout the history of Hajj there had never been incidents of masked invasion of the holy place unlike what is being practiced by the ‘peacocks’ of Persia to satisfy their revolutionary illusions.

The entire Muslim world has agreed that it is only Saudi Arabia which will be responsible for the safety and security of the pilgrims. In this regard Saudi Arabia has over the ages been living to its responsibilities with a perfect 10 which has been appreciated by countries of the world regardless of the hard circumstances even during the attacks that were carried out by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard during the Hajj in the 1980s or before that when in 1979 a group of the (New Khawarej) headed by the criminal Juhayman al-Utaybi , the rebellious religious activist attacked the pilgrims and took many of them hostage.

At that time Saudi Arabia’s priority was to protect the believers irrespective of the cost. The then rational approach of the Saudi authorities was met with great appreciation from the entire Muslim world.

These incidents negate the Iranian allegations. Moreover, the Mullah regime talking about security issues gives rise to suspicions which is the real reason behind demands to post Iranian securitymen in the areas where religious rites are performed during the pilgrimage.

This will give justification for other countries to send their security forces to protect their pilgrims which will mean ‘internationalization’ of the security aspect during the Hajj season. Intuitively this request is totally unacceptable whatever the justifications that may be given because it will mean Saudi Arabia giving up on its sovereignty.

The Iranian attitude forces us to ask a question. There are many shrines and worship places for the venerable Shiites where unruly incidents happen every year. Will Iran allow countries to send their security forces to protect their respective citizens or is it that what is allowed for the Persian Imperial Expansionist Regimes forbidden for others?

We want Saudi Arabia to disclose to the Muslim world the false claims and devastating attempts exerted by the Iranian peacocks and enemies of the Muslim world in the name of Hajj that they are not only against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries but the entire Arab nation.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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