Unbeliever and ‘nice guy’

One of my friends told me that when he uttered my name in the Diwan of the ‘Wajeeh’, the owner turned away his face and labeled me as unbeliever.

In response to my friend I said: the gesture of the Wajeeh and his description of me is a Legion of Honor and I should pin this honor on my chest and the same can be said of those who call me an atheist.

I know well ‘my popularity’ such as these, and I am happy to belong to them. I am neither interested in being in the company of those who wear the turbans, as they do, nor do I take advantage of the press space that has been offered to me to publish my poor poetry on religious occasions.

Actually I will not argue on the issue of me being called an atheist because I have not even had the idea about what he meant by the word (unbeliever). May it be that I am an unbeliever in his lifestyle? Can it be that I do not believe in his manner of stealing or swindling? Or it may even be that I am not among the believers of his sectarianism?

There is no doubt that this person is not a rarity in a society which gives appearances paramount importance.

In such community it is believed that those who frequent the mosques and keep on repeating (In the Name of Allah) and (there is no God but Allah), and revere the clerics, albeit superficially, do not leave presumably without performing in crowded mosques and is keen to go on pilgrimage every year.

He is the one who deserves respect. To the contrary that society pays no respect to the one who has a pure reputation, who sanctifies work, is punctual in his appointments, gives ear to what others have to say, does not stretch his hand for a penny of government money and does not grab industrial or commercial plots for him and his relatives.

Infidel or the atheist, if any, in the traditional sense, is someone who does not hurt anyone but himself, and shall burn in hell. But what about those who cheat the State, lie, claim disability in order not to work?

What about those who contest the elections on unethical promises to his voters, and what about those who buy votes, and are known as the ‘Light of the Parliament?) Of course these are not the infidels, in the traditional sense because they are those who deserve respect since they perform all religious rites even if apparently.

Yes, the infidel, or as it is claimed that infidelity does not hurt anyone but himself and his reputation, has been shunned by some, but in the end does not hurt anyone, does not destroy a house in that capacity. Some might avoid dealing with him. A thief can be religious and also he can be an atheist according to the common meaning of the word.

But what is the identity of that army of thieves, violators, embezzlers of the general state funds, liars who lie while making their declarations and those who marry in order to receive allowances? What about those who divorce their wives for the same reason? They even repeat it again and again asking the Government to offer them houses and then they rent these houses and live abroad.

Yes, I admit that I am an unbeliever, an infidel where the method of education is concerned in our communities and our schools. I am unbeliever of that enormous amount of hypocrisy practiced openly.

I am an unbeliever about that one who prays and steals, fast and lie, go on pilgrimage and drink. Yes, I am an infidel because I refuse to acknowledge the hypocritical atmosphere in which we live, fake disability, or eat the money in the name of the deceased.

Yes I am unbeliever because I refuse to add the sons of others to my nationality file, for money – big or small sum and I refuse to marry off their daughters and divorce them just to receive assistance from the State.

According to that Wajeeh I might be an atheist but actually I am more than 70 years old and I am old enough to know well the real meaning of atheism.

Note: The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister of Planning and Development Hind Al-Sabeeh has filed one thousand lawsuits in order to get back the money from undeserved people who have taken it in the form of allowances.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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