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Turkish company flees with millions of dinars, 350 Kuwaitis duped

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‘Return our money or complete project’, citizens seek MPs help

KUWAIT CITY, July 31: Amidst fears of being exposed to a real estate fraud, citizens went to the members of the National Assembly with a complaint, requesting the parliament’s support to recover their money from a Turkish company contracted by 350 Kuwaitis to buy residential villas in Mudurno area in the state of Bolu, as the company neither handed over the properties to them nor return the amounts paid by them, reports Al-Qabas daily. In their complaint, the citizens revealed that the contract with the Turkish company took place in 2013 via its office in Kuwait, which had closed its doors after receiving millions of dinars and transferring them to Turkey.

They said, “We tried to recover our money by filing cases in the Turkish courts for three years, but no progress was made”. The citizens demanded the MPs take action to enable the affected people to recover the paid money or complete the faltering project and receive their real estate. Also, 3,000 citizens had previously submitted a joint complaint to the National Assembly, accusing four government agencies of failing to recover funds and properties worth more than one billion dinars, which were seized through real estate fraud. According to the complaint, the government agencies had failed in their executive and oversight role, as well as in their primary role in tracking funds.

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