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Tunisia rises, buries ‘Brotherhood’ destructive project

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AFTER a decade of suffering and desperate popular attempts to bring Tunisia back to the right course but without success, the Tunisians have lost their patience. President Qais Saeed rose up to the occasion against the power grip of the Muslim Brotherhood Group’s “Ennahda Movement”, which plunged the country into instability, and ferociously dealt with those who protested against the killing of Mohamed Bouazizi 11 years ago by the fire of the Muslim Brotherhood Group that transformed the green Tunisia into dry land enduring a slow death.

Indeed, the path paved by President Saeed’s procedures was completely constitutional, according to a group of legal experts. It represented the beginning of a major and complex surgery aimed at removing the malignant tumor that nearly eliminated the state, which had been in the forefront in modernizing laws and the constitution in accordance with the aspirations of its people.

What is happening today in Tunisia is no different from the Egyptian uprising of June 30, 2013 against the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood Group. This group had rejoiced greatly after the January 25, 2011 uprising, as it rendered them control the heart of Arabism, which was their launchpad for the spread of their cancer in the entire Arab body from its farthest west to its lowest bright.

We all read that day the threats made by their affiliates in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Arab countries. Millions were suffocating in the blaze of their chaos, starting from Tunisia, passing through Libya and Syria, and reaching Iraq, Yemen, and other countries where protests erupted under slogans that were misguided and misinformed.

Today, when the army and security forces gather around the Tunisian president, they express the overwhelming popular will to get rid of the misery of an outdated faction, led by Rached Ghannouchi, the old man who refuses to leave the caves of backwardness.

Ghannouchi sees himself as the supreme leader of Tunisia, similar to his indirect ally in Iran.

Therefore, the great popular support of Tunisians is quite similar to that of the 30 million Egyptians who came out in support of the army’s measures eight years ago. Under the leadership of President Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi, they managed to restore their country back to its natural role in the Arab world and in the region, and emancipate it from the burden of the systematic thuggery of the ‘Guidance Office,’ which, under American sponsorship, sought to enter it into the club of failed states.

There are those who were betting on a second Arab Spring with which they would re-shuffle the cards and stoke the fire of chaos that can be quenched with some countries regaining the initiative to stop the path of the Muslim Brotherhood Group towards destruction.

There is no doubt that this is the beginning of a new Tunisian republic, similar to what Charles de Gaulle did in the late 1950s by declaring the Fifth Republic, which constituted a qualitative leap in the lives of the French, and presented more freedom, justice and equality.

It remains to be said that Tunisia was the beginning of the conflagration of what was falsely called the “Arab Spring”. From it marks the end of a decade of the destruction caused by the Muslim Brotherhood Group.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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