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Truth of Jowhar’s tweet…

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I repeatedly found myself on the opposite side of the opinions and positions of the majority, and events often proved the correctness of my expectations.

I do not know MP Hassan Jowhar, but I do not share the views of the majority about him. I knew him indirectly during the pandemic crisis when I sent him several messages, explaining to him the error of some numbers he made in several interviews about the Ministry of Health, and the incorrectness of his conclusions but he ignored my notes, and he continued to make mistakes.

 During the recent parliamentary elections, many people sided with MP Jowhar, who was considered at the time to be a nationalist. I disagreed with them in that, without doubting his patriotism, and my view was subsequently proven correct. He put his money on the losing horse, and paid the price for his miscalculation. People die once, but the politician dies a hundred times, and comes back to life!

Representative Hassan Jowhar is considered one of the good representatives, the holder of patriotic stances, and one of the few who got the votes of his sect members and the votes of others, however, about two days ago, posted the following tweet:

“Our retired fathers and mothers have the right to benefit from the record profits announced by the Public Institute for Social Security of about 6.4 billion dinars. They have spent their youth in the service of our country, and they all deserve our appreciation.”

 I do not know how the deputy formulated this empty talk that contradicts the events of history and logic, and the law of the Public Institution for Social Security. The veteran legislator should have avoided making such mistakes which showed his humble thinking.

 Personally, I do not think there are any retirees who have dedicated their lives in the service of their country. Everyone worked and took their full rights and more and enjoyed, as our colleague Abdul Latif Al-Duaij mentioned in his last article, countless job benefits such as long vacations, official holidays and often a comfortable time.

Hence, whoever saw the reality of the relative hardship of living in Kuwait in the sixties and seventies, whom I know well and the colleague Al-Duaij, often retired at an early age, and received a good sum and spent his life in a comfortable manner.

Even if we suppose that there are a few who actually spent their lives in the service of their country, this is not a sufficient justification to trample on the Institution’s laws and logic, and on the rights of its affiliates, their true owners, and the distribution of its profits while the institution is burdened with the benefits and advantages provided to retirees, besides the huge actuarial deficit.

Jowhar, the legislator, should have called for supporting the Institution’s investments by reinvesting its profits to ensure the continuity of its ability to fulfill its huge obligations.

 If the honorable deputy asked the affiliates to the Institution, including my sons, about his proposal, he would find a clear rejection as they represent the largest segment. As for retirees like me and my colleague Al-Duaij, we have received what we have, and the rest of our salaries are preserved with it, until our death.

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By Ahmad alsarraf