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Friday , February 28 2020

Trump’s electoral compassion vs Mullahs’ terrorism

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IN response to the downing of United States’ unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) over the Strait of Hormuz by Iran, US President Donald Trump stated that he called off military strike against Iran just ten minutes before the launch, because of the collateral damage such a strike would have caused and possibly leading to the death of 150 people.

By this decision, President Trump is forgetting he has granted Iran a new chance of escalation and hardened its stance. He has also forgotten that a strike by one of the Revolutionary Guard’s agents in 1983 in Lebanon killed 238 Americans, and the US refusal to retaliate has led to Iran control over Lebanon through Hezbollah Group, which constitutes constant tension for the US.

Trump has also forgotten that lack of retaliation for the attack on its soldiers by one of the terrorist groups in Somalia caused the country to become a shelter for terrorist groups and a source of tension for the US.

Now, should Trump be applauded for his compassion and refusal to halt the horses of Iran’s terrorist demeanor, which is one of the pillars of his electoral campaign? Does Trump think that this approach guarantees his second term or he is empowering the demon, which the US has helped several times to grow — we have been witnesses to that a lot!

Trump also forgets that, according to the US position, the Iranian regime is among the terrorist sponsors; in fact, it is the main sponsor. This regime poses direct threat to the American forces in Afghanistan, as it continues to hold talks with “al-Qaeda” and “Taleban” after submitting to its daily terrorist logic the same way he has forgotten the constant threats against American interests in the Arabian Gulf through support Iran provides the Houthis to attack Saudi Arabia.

The US President did not put into consideration the daily threats, which the US faces in Iraq through rockets falling on its embassy compound or camps housing American soldiers. President Trump disregarded all that, and came up to address the world, which was waiting for its retaliation with a statement that could have indicated one of these two conclusions – expression of inability to face the terrorist demon or his preference for personal electoral gains over the reverence of the US and its global status. In both conclusions, America has given Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and its regime a free service and new push for more terrorism.

Perhaps, President Trump should listen to his advisors looking at the history of Iran and how the Persian Empire fell in the hands of Arabian tribes during the reign of Khosrow Anushiruwan. This happened when Khosrow decided to attack Nouman bin Al-Mundhir (Lakhmid king of Al-Hirah) just because he wanted to have his way with his (Nouman) girls. However, the tribes at that time managed to squash the pride of the empire due to the Arab zealotry.

Also, he should listen to how Britain orchestrated a coup that almost made them lose the main ally (the Shah) whose reign was characterized with stability until the US 39th President Jimmy Carter yielded to the intelligence rationale, which concurred with the French rationale that agreed to weaken the Shah and empower Khomeini until the fall of the Shah. The fall of the main US ally, the Shah of Iran, sparked the start of Iran’s era of terrorism, which today, is being fueled by Donald Trump’s hesitance characterized by his fake compassion.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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