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Trump’s ‘Ahura Mazda’ – Bashar a chess piece

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Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

There is a concept of Zoroastrianism known as ‘Ahura Mazda’, which simply means ‘Good Spirit’ and another concept ‘Angra Mainyu’, which also means ‘Evil Spirit’.

Other aspects of the ancient monotheistic belief are left for those who are interested in religious studies or rather theology to determine.

I remembered the theory of ‘Ahura Mazda’ while watching the news about the recent US missile strikes on Shayrat Air Base in Syria, which is under the control of Bashar Al-Assad regime.

At first, I smiled, based on the fact that neither President Trump is the ‘Ahura Mazda’ nor Bashar Al- Assad is Angra Mainyu in this issue; the strike was launched merely for political reasons and had no connection with good deeds or helping the oppressed Syrian people, considering the fact that Bashar al-Assad has become a chess piece moved around by Russia as desired.

It is clear to those who are keen on political events that Trump’s dramatic missile strikes were no more than a political card shown to various bodies, among them Russia—and we won’t be surprise to know that the US probably had requested permission from Russia or rather, Russia had prior knowledge of the attack.

Turkey continues to be on the line of events, coupled with the GCC countries, the U.S. allies— and not forgetting the strike on Shayrat Air Base conveys a certain message. Assad will definitely understand the message later if he does not understand it now. First and foremost, we should not delve into the goodwill of the US air strikes on Shayrat base, which is good news for Netanyahu, condemned by Putin, and cautiously received by Rouhani.

However, like I said in previous articles, such a move is a mere political calculation wherein weapons have been used as a pen to write and send clear messages to the target audience. Since the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has been eager to send a clear message that Washington has a new occupant, and the chemical gas attack on the people of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria was a perfect opportunity for him to convey his desired message. Subsequent to the cinematic strike, the situation in Syria will return to the days of explosive barrels and Russia will have the decision of war or peace in Syria, because she is the side that clearly received the message that United States can intervene at any time.

Based on this message, new political centers could be built, alongside new surprising arrangements, because the current situation is similar to that of the previous century — apart from the fact that the players and circumstances are different on the ground. It seems a new Sykes Picot agreement is in the making to change the geopolitics of the region through the emergence of new states or disappearance of old states, seeing the huge military presence in Iraq and Levant that renders any outcome rational and possible.

Finally, regardless of what awaits us in the near future, the situation is very dangerous on the map and politics, which will benefit all participants in one way or another. Therefore, the concerned regional countries need to take political and security precaution in every aspect to protect their entities, because, “if you are not a wolf, you will end up being eaten by wolves.”

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi


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