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Wednesday , July 17 2019

Trump … welcome to the country of determination and hope

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WELCOME, the United States of America! Welcome, the US President Donald Trump to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — the gate to this region and the Arab and Islamic worlds.

With the new American president’s first overseas trip starting with Saudi Arabia, there are many issues that we ought to present to him. They have nothing to do with interests of economic calculation but are aimed for him to realize what the administrations of his predecessors had left behind in this region and the negative stances on both popular and official levels.

The region has never witnessed any real cooperation with the US administration except during the reigns of the four US presidents — Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and George Bush Sr.

Apart from those four administrations, rest of the administrations worked on destroying the US ties with the GCC countries and the Arab world. This was because of their preference for the Israeli will, and at some point for the Iranian regime, at the expense of historic alliances.

While the former US President Jimmy Carter paved the way for the late Iranian leader Khomeini to assume power in Iran, the administrations of two former presidents, Clinton and Bush Jr, widely opened the door for the regime of Iran to infiltrate this region. This was either under the pretext of human rights protection, or the “Crusade War” which George Bush Jr had declared immediately after the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

In all those years, Islam was portrayed in the Western countries in a manner that completely contradicts its reality. Its followers were accused of being followers of terrorism. The interpretations of Islamic teachings were skewed.

All this happened while overlooking the practices of the terrorist organizations linked to the Iran’s regime. These practices were eventually crowned with the “nuclear deal” by Obama administration. At the same time, the Israeli policies, which led the region to the level of despair over the US role in the region, were also overlooked.

Barack Obama turned a blind eye to the ideology that moves Iran’s regime, which justifies violence, killing and destruction for the sake of an unseen illusion that was aimed at expediting the reemergence of the much-awaited “Mahdi” – the doctrine of the Occultation.

Such an ideology is often broadcasted in Iran’s information media, especially the meeting between Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khomeini and Al-Mahdi in one of the schools in Tehran where Al-Mahdi asked Khomeini to expedite the process of his reemergence.

If this is the mentality of Iran’s fundamentalists, then those who are considered as moderates appear to be working on achieving the great Iran’s scheme of ruling both Islamic and Arab worlds. They consider people of other religious creeds as their enemies. Despite all that, the Obama administration went on to take the devil out of the lamp, and market Iran to the world.

The situation is not better with Israel, because that entity was built on the principle of dividing the surrounding region and was based on its determination to deny Palestinians their legitimate rights. Its leaders believe that the only way to guarantee the existence of Israel is to sustain the current war.

The US administrations have not helped in ensuring the implementation of the peace initiatives presented by the Arabs or others. This started with Rogers Initiative through to the one from late King Fahad bin Abdul-Aziz.

Even when the late Egyptian President Anwar Al-Sadat compelled the administration of former US president Jimmy Carter to accept peace as a reality, it happened reluctantly. This is exactly what the then Israeli Prime Menachem Begin declared openly when he said, “I will take this agreement with me to the grave”.

Al-Sadat was the boldest Arab leader, as he put the ball in the court of Israel with his peace initiative and his visit to Al-Quds. He knew fully well that the action would curb excesses of Tel Aviv and that it would be capable of killing its projects gradually. For this, Arabs have taken notable steps towards peace since 1978.

On its part, Israel continues to shy away by escalating the level of violence and conspiracies. This is the reason why they were conspicuous during the Arab Spring on the side of Iranian Mullah regime as the basic engine driving the civil wars that pervaded several Arab countries.

Yes, Arabs are students of peace. If Your Excellency considers that recognition as a defeat, then we are defeated. However, peace should be imposed on Israelis because if there is peace between the Arabs and Israel, there will not be any excuses and justifications from the extremists alongside the deceptive peacock regime.

Your Excellency, with your visit to Saudi Arabia, irrespective of all the financial and economic interests, you are looking at Islam based on its real picture in the country that Allah has been bestowed with the Two Holy Mosques. Surely you will comprehend that the terrorist groups which use Islam as their cover have no link whatsoever to this moderate religion and with Muslims who practice their religious rituals with love and openness.

From there, you will head to Israel where you will also explore Judaism, and then to the Vatican City where you will enhance your knowledge of Christianity.

Your Excellency, today you are in the land of religions, the land of Prophet Abraham (PBUH) and the cradle of all Scriptures that rallied together for coexistence and goodness of humanity. In this region, you will understand the meaning of Arabs’ quest for peace, and why Muslims cling to it. It is because peace is the essence of their religion and one of its definitions.

It is impossible for a minority of eight million people — the total number of Israelis — living in the Arab world of 350 million people to force the majority to submit to its visions. Despite the level of devastation that was witnessed in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Libya as well as the continuous attempts to weaken Egypt, Israel has not succeeded in imposing its scheme on the region or dominating it.

Therefore, the only option Israel has is to accept the Arab peace initiative and coexist with the Arabs especially Palestinians. It must give up its aggressive practices which aggravate the suffering of its own citizens who are feeling isolated and are being rejected by the surrounding Arab world.

Israel has to study from the experience of the Mullah State, which has been practicing violence and terrorism but is still suffering from isolation and bitter crisis that has put it on the path of devastation. This is the example of Iran, which is still sustaining the fatal fever despite the pain relief administered by Barack Obama.

Once again, welcome Mr President Donald Trump! Welcome back the United States of America to your well known/traditional/familiar role in the region! Welcome to the new administration and its crystal clear principles!

Our hearts are open to the United States of America which is working hard to rectify the consequences of the actions of Bush administration and Obama administration that almost destroyed the historic ties. This visit might be the start of a new alliance based on hope and firm will.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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