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Trump does not trot vainly

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

PRESIDENT Donald Trump is the most controversial president of the United States of America after Richard Nixon. He currently faces the possibility of impeachment following the clamor he raised over the firing of the Head of Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) James Comey.

The termination of Comey’s employment brought an abrupt end to a criminal investigation into allegations that President Trump’s advisers colluded with the Russian government to steer the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, as stated by his presidential contender Hillary Clinton in an interview with CNN news channel few weeks ago.

Recently, American voters gave President Trump the lowest approval record. Evidence to that was the report titled “What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?”.

This report was the result of a poll conducted by researchers from the Quinnipiac University in the State of Connecticut. The word that came to the minds of majority of participants in the research was “Idiot”, followed by “Incompetent” in second place, and “Liar” in third.

A positive descriptive word of “Leader” came fourth, followed by “Unqualified” in fifth place, “President” in sixth place, “Strong” in seventh place, “Businessman” in eighth place, “Ignorant” in ninth place and the word “Egotistical” in tenth place.

Other negative adjectives used to describe President Trump were “Narcissist”, “Clown”, “Dishonest” and “Disgusting”. This was published in Al-Qabas newspaper on May 12, quoting German news agency DPA – Washington.

Despite my acknowledgement of all the negative descriptions, or rather adjectives, concerning President Trump, the one that amazed me the most is the description of him being a “businessman”.

I believe this is the attitude with which President Trump entered the White House, where he behaved as though he is running his business empire like a millionaire, expecting his orders to be obeyed without questions.

However, his businessman-like attitude did not work for him because he is not living in a Third World country that is under dictatorship rule.

The United States of America is the pioneer of democracy in the world. Neither its people nor institutions will submit to such an attitude, even if it came from a president who was chosen by the public in a free election.

As I had mentioned in a previous article, there is an internal storm awaiting President Trump. Nonetheless, I would like to indicate something concerning his upcoming visit to the region on May 23. He will start his overseas tour with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; it is the first time in the US presidential history for a president to start with an Arab and Islamic country.

To the joyous acclaimers of this trip, we would like to say that President Trump is coming with a sheer business mentality.

We have been hearing news after news about the number of weapons deals worth $100 billion with the Saudis, and slightly less-expensive deals with the remaining GCC countries. That is how things flow.

If President Trump was to start his overseas trip with Canada or Europe like his predecessors, he would not reap such figures for his country with little effort as he will with his visit to the region in terms of deals.

Alas, I will not talk about the Arab and Islamic countries on one hand, and America’s beloved country Israel on the other hand. This is due to the fact that Trump will impose Israel’s friendship upon us in the same billion-dollar visit; in other words, “hitting two birds with one stone”.

Regardless of what the people of the United States of America say about President Trump, he has definitely not trotted to our region vainly.


By Ali Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil

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