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True press vs Iran Goebbelsian press

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE facts presented to the Arab and Islamic public by the adviser to Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister and the official spokesperson of the Saudi-led coalition forces Major General Ahmad Assiri consisted of fulfilling answers to the questions posed by people several months ago.

These questions mainly focused on the timeline of the campaign for helping the legitimate Yemeni authority to restore its control on Yemen and the role of the Arab coalition over this matter.

Major General Assiri managed to put things in proper perspective especially when he affirmed that the objective of the campaign is not to achieve complete victory, as assumed by many who fail to understand the reality. He clarified that the main objective is restoration of the state rule to the southern frontier of the Arabian Peninsula.

This will prevent Iran from transforming Yemen into a launch-pad for the Houthi gangs to attack Saudi Arabia, in the sense that the border area will remain unstable. Without any doubt, the cost of such a campaign will be very high in the long term.

Such kind of straightforwardness is what the public needs from time to time to squash the smoke of rumors which has been increasing due to absence of media response to Iran’s propaganda tool that is based on the principle of the Nazi’s Information Minister Joseph Goebbels who once said, “Repeat a lie one thousand times and it eventually becomes the truth”.

This campaign requires press views of the coalition leaders on the field so that facts can be presented to people in order to squash the fabrications of rebels which are not less hostile than the Houthis’ terrorist militia operations.

Indeed, those concerned with the management of the war have all necessary capabilities. However, the expanding scope of Iran’s propaganda campaign, through the participation of several satellite TV channels, newspapers and websites, has at some point led to an ambiguous scene being drawn up for Arabs and Muslims in general.

This is exactly like the successful diplomatic deception campaign which made the former United Nations’ secretary general Ban Ki Moon appear to be defending the Houthi gangs and the forces loyal to the ousted Yemeni president Ali Saleh.

During the start of the Operation Decisive Storm, the daily views presented by Major General Assiri represented a source of reassurance for people.

Today, with the long absence of such views and with the campaign to squash Iran’s expansionism scheme entering its third year, the period of silence allowed the devils of illusion to reemerge and play with people’s minds. However, the long interview of Major General Assiri, which was televTised by Al-Arabiya satellite TV channel, managed to chain those devils.

Undoubtedly, confronting any major hostile scheme will never end within a day and night. Because of that, it is necessary to present all facts required for reassuring the GCC citizens regarding the events transpiring on the Yemeni battleground. This can be done through a monthly press conference for regional journalists to be called by the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince in order to provide details of the developments.

Another suggestion is the return of the daily press conference held by Major General Assiri to ensure there is no space for Iran’s propaganda mouthpiece to crow without restraint. As a matter of fact, these views are needed by people of the 34 countries participating in the Arab coalition, as they fear for the safety of their countries, the wellbeing of their religion and their future.

Today, amid the press and communication media revolution, truth has become the toughest weapon in any confrontation. Therefore, there is no shame in presenting any question, because the enemy has the means to fabricate anything and make it appear as the truth. Those who lose the media battle are considered to have lost half the war.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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