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Wednesday , September 30 2020

True enemy of Muslims

Kuwait began vaccinating schoolchildren before other neighboring countries for decades, thanks to the enlightened rule and distinguished doctors such as the late Dr Yahya Al-Hadidi, who protected tens of thousands of citizens of today, who were young children in the fifties and sixties against from serious diseases, such as measles and polio, but we still do not find a street named after him while there are streets named after people some of who do not deserve the honor, as Mohammad Musaed Al-Saleh said one day.

I remember very well when we were young and when the school announced that the next day would be the “vaccination day”, I remember many families preventing their children from going to school that day and even questioned the government intentions especially from the religious aspect, moreover, because the vaccination always had side effects.

Sixty years on there is still doubt about the process of vaccination rooted in the minds of millions, especially in poor Muslim countries and this has contributed to the spread of measles. For example, measles prevailed in Indonesia because large numbers of parents prevented them from receiving vaccination for fear or perhaps in response to the fatwa from a Muslim clergy in one of the countries which were already a victim of plagues, epidemics and measles.

Dr Khaled Montaser said: “I could not believe my eyes when I read this news. Are we still in the ‘Middle Ages’? Do we deserve to live this era? Are we so afraid of the world to this degree? Is it not enough for the world to see us wearing an explosives belt and detonating it in the midst of the crowd to the chants of Allah-u-Akbar (God the greatest)?

Such behavior adds stupidly and ignorance to the list of our sins, preventing vaccinations so that epidemics and diseases spread among us and kill the children who are not guilty but were born in a country that thinks it’s the responsibility to deliver their citizens to Paradise.

We, therefore feel sorry and regret to see whenever the World Health Organization gets closer to eradicating an epidemic we often find Muslim nations barring the organization from fulfilling its mission even going to the extent of killing the medical staff as it happened in more than one Muslim country.

The medical staff was prevented from visiting remote areas and to vaccinate their children in the belief it was the work of the Crusaders to taint the pure blood of Muslims with gelatin. After all this, we wonder why we are backward, sick, weak and poor.

I remember many of our advocacy institutions, charities, and even those who were once considered symbols of charity, have never – despite spending billions of dollars in poor Muslim countries – warned against the danger of not taking the vaccine or even doing anything to stop issuing fatwas forbidding taking vaccination under the pretext that the infidel Crusaders want to inject us with gelatin.

It is clear from the above that the most dangerous enemies of Muslims are Muslims themselves and not the ‘outsiders’ or from people from ‘across the border’.

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf




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