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Wednesday , March 20 2019

Trivialities take root

‘Dogs are faithful’

Few among Kuwaitis who have not visited Egypt and fell in love with its culture, arts and monuments either in Cairo, Aswan, coastal cities and those laying on the River Nile. This all was before the manipulation occurred by the military regimes either on purpose or not. They were busy in trivial issues engaged in African and Arab disputes in addition to non-aligned movement. Perhaps they did so in attempt to flee away from the important issues for the citizens and the nation.

Egypt recently celebrated reaching 100 million citizens. This number needs double number of subsidized breads every day along the year in addition to the other basic requirements. The Arabs without Egypt are nothing. Recently, the Arabs plus Egypt equaled nothing as well after they exhausted it by their problems and it exhausted them by sending them the terrorism of Muslim Brothers. Consequently, it has become something normal to see Arab countries voting at international meetings against each other and for the favor non-Arab countries. In some cases they vote for the favor of countries that are not even friendly countries only in order to irritate each other.

Few are the countries that have the large number of the problems with the lack of resources of wealth as Egypt in addition to the spreading and out of control corruption that is eating it up. This is added to other serious issues including terrorism, Muslim Brothers, development, democracy and the tremendous increasing of the citizens’ numbers. The list of problems has not come to end as it includes also unemployment, spreading diseases, drinking water, lack of housing, deterioration of industry and the reduction of the oil income and the backwardness of religious institutions. The Egyptian media, which used to be among the best, has even collapsed.

As an example of neglecting important issues and exhausting the efforts in trivialities, religious institution in Egypt has recently issued a religious opinion (Fatwa) saying that it is prohibited for a Muslim to keep a dog but in two cases; hunting and guarding.

I am not going to disprove this opinion. What I care about is to ask if the serious problems facing Egypt have been minimized to such a degree that makes keeping a dog as an issue. What about the ongoing beliefs dispute, waste rights of Christians, circumcision of females?

Personally, I know many families keeping pet dogs and their disabled children cannot do without them. Dogs only are able to make them smile when everybody is engaged in his mobile or watching a silly Turkish TV series. How come then keeping a dog is prohibited?

Along the human history of since man managed to tame the dog, 100,000 hundreds ago, it has become the most loyal friend of man. Dog is a wonderful animal and it communicates with humans very pleasantly. If you put your dog for two hours inside the box of the car, it will receive you with hugs although if you have done the same with your own brother, he will fire on you.

Observing the civilized countries, rather than the advanced ones, we shall see to what extent they care about dogs and other animals. Dogs help finding out drugs but this is not exempted from that Fatwa. Dogs have many other roles while we beat and kill them just because we have hearts that know no mercy.

We join our colleague Khalid Muntasser in his defense of those wonderful animals which have been abused in our society without any clear reason Dogs are just like children that fill our hearts with joy, so we support keeping them at home.

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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