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Thursday , October 28 2021

‘Treachery and betrayal’ – Brotherhood mysteries disclosed

KUWAIT CITY, June 23: In a new episode of ‘Treachery and Betrayal’ which continues to disclose the mysteries of the Muslim Brotherhood since its suspicious establishment in 1928 and since the British planted this demonic instrument in the Arab world, the Qatari activist Khaled Al-Hail, dropped another bombshell that adds ‘prestige’ to the black record of the Muslim Brotherhood founded by the Freemasonry International which continues to be a thorn in the side of the Arabs and a trump card in the hands of Zionism, reports Al-Seyassah.

Al-Hail posted on his Twitter account an audio recording of the meeting allegedly between the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the Kuwaiti academician Hakim Al-Mutairi after he fled to Turkey.

In the recording they are heard talking about “plans and intentions to spread chaos and violence in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain,” which is considered a crime against the security and stability of Kuwait and the Gulf.

In the meeting – whose timing and date is not precise – most likely took place after the Americans invaded Iraq in 2003 and perhaps after the establishment of what is called the ‘Umma Party’ in 2005 – it appears that Gaddafi received Al-Mutairi for their first meeting – the meeting happened after it was recommended by someone from the Muslim Brotherhood group.

The leaked audio recording – which was later broadcast by the Al-Arabiya TV channel – revealed the existence of a joint Brotherhood agenda in which both parties worked, with the aim of spreading chaos in Arab countries in general and the Gulf in particular. The two sides talked about what Al-Mutairi described as ‘the state of the nation’, and Gaddafi told him, according to the records, to “take advantage of the situation in Iraq to spread violence in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, by secretly working with the Iraqi youth and the members of the Mutair tribe, and take advantage of the slogan ‘Creative Chaos’ which was promoted by the Americans.”

Gaddafi stressed on the need to take advantage of this situation and spread violence just like what was done by the Americans in Iraq. He also asked Al-Mutairi to take the sectarian approach by using the Shiite card to spread violence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Gaddafi told Al-Mutairi, to communicate and work in secret with the revolutionary youth. “You must work as a front of the party (the Umma Party). Your talk should have democratic angle and keep in touch with the youth in Iraq and the Al-Mutair tribe and win the confidence of even the Shiites, and those who believe in Wahhabism because they consider them as’ infidel’.”

Al-Mutairi said: “All these contacts exist ‘Brother Leader’ and indeed, we told the government (Kuwait) if you support democracy in Iraq and the right of the Iraqi people to choose the government, pluralism and parties, why the Gulf states including Kuwait are deprived of this?”

Gaddafi went on to say, “They say creative chaos.” Al-Mutairi replied: “Yes, let us invest in this chaos.” Then al-Mutairi presented Gaddafiwith a list of names and said “This is the list of the names of the party leaders.”

He also presented the party’s first publication, saying: “I am interested in your opinion, Leader, because the list of names has caused uproar, and the government there was disturbed.”

There was a brief silence indicating Gaddafiwas reading the names on the list. Gaddafithen said: “If creative chaos is good, and the Americans deal with massacres and destruction, and they say this is creative chaos and therefore let us embrace creative chaos as long as it is good so apply it in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.”

Al-Mutairi switched off his phone yesterday to avoid answering questions about the audio clip in circulation and a senior security told the Al-Seyassah daily that the Ministry of Interior has opened an investigation into the audio recording and is initiating legal measures.

Moreover, sources at the Kuwait University, where Al-Mutairi was a Professor of Sharia, revealed the university’s administration is monitoring the situation and will wait for the results of investigations and will act accordingly, indicating that it has not received any statements regarding Al-Mutairi’s legal status until now.

For his part, Khaled Al-Hail said: “I am ready to hand over to the security authorities in Kuwait the complete audio recording and I am sure that it is an issue of state security, incitement and conspiracy to overthrow the regime, an issue which also affirms the charge of terrorism and collusion with a foreign enemy against his homeland and against sister countries.” He added: “Not only that, I will also reveal the names soon of other prominent personalities, including some very well-known personalities.”

For his part, Kuwaiti journalist Ahmed Al- Mulaifisaid: “The records of Hakim Al-Mutairi are correct, and he implicitly acknowledged that when he stated that they were truncated, and these leaks are state security crimes.” It is noteworthy to mention that Al-Mutairi adopts the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is one of the supporters of terrorism whose name was included in the list of terrorists announced by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain in 2017

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