Wednesday , September 19 2018

Transferring from visit visa to dependent visa

I am working in a private organization in the IT sector; on my work permit designation is computer engineer with salary of KD 450. My wife and daughter already have valid residence on my sponsorship. Currently my family is in India and I want to apply for my son’s visa; he is 8 months old and the time span is very less as my wife and daughter have to enter Kuwait before 1st week of Jan 2018 to avoid the valid 6 months out of the country. So I planned to apply visit visa for my infant Son (8 months old) once they entered in Kuwait is there any possibility to transfer the visit visa to dependent (permanent residency). If possible which documents we need to produce at the time of transferring to the permanent residency.

Name withheld

Answer: Transferring visit to dependent visa has long been stopped. However, a window of possibility has been opened for infants two years and below. It is therefore, possible that your 8-month-old child’s visit visa could be transferred to dependent visa.

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