Transferring residence from Factory visa to Company visa

I was born and brought up in Kuwait. I went to India to do my graduation while still keeping my residence in Kuwait valid. After the completion of my graduation (engineering), I returned to Kuwait and took up a job in a factory as an engineer (technician, on work permit). My residence was then transferred from dependent to factory visa. Now, is it transferable from factory visa to normal company visa? (since I was born and had a dependent visa ever since?) Your response would be appreciated.

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Answer: Yes, you will be able to transfer your factory visa to a normal company visa (18) since you were not initially brought to Kuwait on a factory visa.

I have completed a year on family visa, can I transfer to work visa now?

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, you can, if you have a job and your sponsor, in this case either your husband or your father is willing to release you.

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