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Monday , December 16 2019

Transferring both parents visit visa to dependent visa

Can you please confirm if we can transfer parents coming on visit visa to dependent visa. My parents are on visit visa sponsored by my wife (She is working in MOH as a Staff Nurse). Can we change the Visit Visa (Parents Father age 75 and mother 67) to Dependent visa because they are alone back in our country. If possible can we pay any health insurance they are physically fit.

Name withheld

Answer: A gap that exists or a case not provided for by a statute or in a document is referred to as a lacuna. With this definition of the word lacuna, after we have gone through the new/amended visa regulations issued recently, we are not in position to give a definite answer to you question except to say that you must test the waters by putting in an application to have your parents visit visa changed to dependent visa.

Since both parents are living it is quiet possible that application will be rejected. It is only through such a step that we fill the gap left out in the new regulations. We would be grateful if you can give us a feed back of the outcome should you decide to take up our challenge by putting in an application.

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