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I have a question regarding my residence transfer. I joined a company in November and they transferred my residence during my probation period there, within the probation period they decided to terminate my services and I got a new job immediately.

My current company says they will transfer my residence only after the probation period, whereas my pervious sponsor is forcing me to transfer my residence immediately otherwise they will put a case against me in the shuoon. Do they have the right to force me to transfer my residence immediately or do I have 3 months (as I am on my probation) to transfer my residence? Will really appreciate your help.

Name withheld

Answer: Under the law, your old company has to keep your residence while you are on probation with your new company. Your previous company is therefore not on the side of the law by trying to force you to transfer your residence immediately to your new company. The old company can’t file a case against you but if it does, it will come out the loser since the law is not on its side.

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