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Sunday , January 26 2020

Transfer from Government project visa to Private sector visa

I am an engineering graduate and came to Kuwait on a government project engineer’s visa. I have completed 3 yrs and want to join a new company that does not have a government project visa and have only private sector visas.

What are my options to transfer on to a private sector visa?

Also if I transfer on to a private sector visa in my existing company can I in the future join a new company and get a transfer on to a private sector visa of the new company?

Name withheld

Answer: Under current and other decisions on the subject, the following possibilities are open to you. You can transfer to another government project of the same sponsor, or another government project of a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the current sponsor.

Under the above arrangements, there is a KD 300 fee for transfer from one government project on its completion, to another government project which has a different sponsor.

On the other hand if you want to transfer to another government project of the same sponsor, the fee is KD 200.

There is also another opening under which you can pay KD 350 to transfer your work permit to the main file of your current sponsor.

This would mean that you could ultimately land, if the sponsor has no objection, in a private sector company. Having put you through the different possibilities of visa transfer open to you, we hope you are now clear in your mind that it is not possible for you to transfer your visa to the private sector as envisaged by you.

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