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Traffic violations at KD 73.5 mln in ’22

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KUWAIT CITY, March 1: At least 4,237,454 traffic violations were registered in 2022 evaluated at KD 73.5 million (about USD 239 million), said a statistics Wednesday. The number of seized vehicles in 2022 hit 5,076, while the number of the held motors hit 798, it added.

The new 6G cameras registered 3,393 belt violations, while 2,083 ones relating to using mobile while driving between January 1 until February 27, it added. Up to 2,653,005 violations of exceeding the speed limit were registered in 2022, while 236,294 others of breaking signals, it noted. The Ministry of Interior announced using new cameras inside 200 new traffic patrols, in addition to a number of fixed and mobile ones. The Ministry indicated that the number of current patrols reached 800.

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