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Tuesday , February 25 2020

Traditions, norms vanish

Politics in full swing

Many international political events are taking place simultaneously and Syria has become a large field for the differences and contradictions of the global forces. We see the techniques changing based on the rule of the game in which DAESH is accused of dreadful explosions in Sweidaa. There’s no need for a crime expert, because the fingerprint is clear and rules of the game are changed at will!

What happened in Dera where the border central government was devolved with the submission of heavy weapons by the opposition fighters and their exit—coupled with the release of several government prisoners, explains the presence of the Elders Forum from various countries such as Jordan (as announced) other than the major players; Russia and United States.

It is clear that the act enjoyed global acceptability to ease the exchange and exit process based on interests understood by keen followers, but what pushed the game to deviate sharply towards Sweidaa?

The regime in the famous Durzeyah region, popularly known as Jabal Al-Arab City, has a timetable covering the beginning of the incidents in Syria in 2011. Sweidaa is trying to shy away from the reality of what is happening in order to shield itself, but how long will that be possible? This war will determine fates and not just a fate, so it’s impossible for people living in the war zone to fold arms and watch “safely” without bombardments here and there—whether deliberately or non-deliberately. It could even be done by jesting to show that “we are here”!

Syrian regime has made an unprecedented giant stride since the beginning of the revolution. The convincing international support seems evident, especially with what happened in Damascus suburb and Halab earlier, and now Dera. Strong players are playing alongside the regime and it appears to be a connection of interests, because Syrian opposition factions are affected by the motives of their sponsors, as well as deals and negotiations among the sponsors.

This proves they are only tools in the hands of the principals (I don’t mean to denigrate the opposition factions here, as it’s about the international power struggle they can’t stand due to the difference in capabilities) that causes them to change their positions and exchange their motives according to what happens over and under the tables in Geneva and Sochi!

Let us leave Sweidaa and the expensive joke of the regime that left one hundred and fifty people dead. Let us move to Lebanon and the complex confrontations here and there where no solution is at sight. They are waiting for the intervention of principals who are engrossed with their respective labyrinth!

Lebanon is in serious problem with regard to the issue of Syrian refugees whose number is plus or minus one million. The refugees have found themselves becoming a game in the hands of Lebanese politicians (who are originally a game in the hands of their principals, except a few that enjoy the mercy of God).

The principals negotiate over them and issue contradictory statements due to their dirty political game, without considering the need to be hospitable to refugees who have been pushed by their bad situation into the hands of a group that neglect the rules and do not understand the Arab norms nor have respect for refugees and their protection in this difficult Arab period in which traditions and norms have disappeared!


“In our age, there is no such thing as keeping out of politics. All issues are political issues”:  (George Orwell).

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi


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