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Wednesday , November 13 2019

Tourist visa case

‘Missed opportunity’

Tourists from all over the world are keen to visit countries that are rich in touristic destinations where they can spend an enjoyable time.

When we look at the global touristic map, we will figure out there are a number of factors that distinguish each and every touristic country. There are countries that are preferred destinations during summer seasons and there are others preferred during winter. There are countries preferred by the lovers of history, and there are others that are loved by those who are fond of shopping. Some other countries are the best for countryside lovers. There are many such factors that distinguish touristic countries.

In Kuwait, summer is regarded as the best season for citizens to travel overseas due to the hot summer climate in Kuwait and the long school holidays. Kuwaiti citizens have many preferred touristic destinations such as countries of the European Union, the United States of America, South East Asia and even Latin America.

Wherever a Kuwaiti tourist goes, he is welcomed due to the good reputation of both Kuwait and Kuwaiti citizens who are known to be civilized and well-behaved.

One of my friends recently faced an unfortunate situation at the Spanish Embassy in Kuwait. He had applied for Schengen visa for himself and his wife. He had paid all the relevant fees and provided the required documents but he was informed that his request was rejected without specifying any reasons. He did not even get back the money that he paid as fees for the visa. This really represents an unjustified and unaccepted abuse.

This was very strange from our dear friends in the embassy of the friendly country of Spain, which shares strong ties with Kuwait. We still remember the honorable stance taken by Spain in terms of participating in the Operation Desert Storm for the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion in 1991.

Spain has a wonderful reputation in Kuwait especially in the field of football, as the clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona have many Kuwaiti fans.

My friend plans to visit Madrid, Barcelona and Al-Hamra Palace in Grenada. He and his family were so excited to visit beautiful Spain and spend an amazing vacation there, but things took a dramatic turn and this small Kuwaiti family ended up feeling extremely dejected and disappointed.

I wish things can be rectified and this Kuwaiti family can receive suitable treatment. I really trust the wisdom of the Embassy of Spain in Kuwait in terms of dealing with the lovers of its wonderful country.

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

“Even the best writer needs to use an eraser”. — Spanish word of wisdom.


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