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Total number of unemployed Kuwaitis reaches 11,741

GMRP secures appointments for 7,704,  and 7,823 Kuwaitis in govt and private sectors respectively

KUWAIT CITY, July 19: The number of Kuwaiti jobseekers enrolled in the Government and Manpower Restructuring Program (GMRP) who do not work currently, or receive pension or enrolled in educational institutions reached 241 in June, bringing the total number of unemployed citizens to 11,741, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Statistics released by the GMRP, a copy of which Al-Qabas obtained, indicated that among the total job seekers, newly registered include some doctorate degree holders.

The number of master’s degree holders rose to 100 from 95 citizens in the past statistics, while the number of bachelor holders also increased to 5,871 citizens. Data showed 1,549 highly qualified job seekers were down 50 cases from the last statistic amid stability of secondary school holders and 1,774 job seekers with only 3 new applications, while the number of Kuwaiti intermediate certificate holders increased to 1,789.

Monthly appointments
In contrast, similar statistics revealed that GMRP secured appointments for 7,704 citizens in the government sector since the beginning of the year, 2,353 of them in March, 2,175 in April, 1,421 in January, 967 in February, 163 in June, and one case announced so far in July.

In private sector, the program employed 7,823 Kuwaiti personnel — an increase of 119 above government appointments, while the month of April saw the highest number of appointments with 1,708 employees, 1,512 employed in March, 1,201 in May, 1,298 in January, 1,370 in February, 650 in June, and 84 in July.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry has endorsed the nomination of some officials to assistant undersecretary posts, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting sources. Sources disclosed the list of nominees will be submitted to the Cabinet for approval on Monday.

Sources said the ministry will reshuffle the assistant undersecretaries after the announcement of the new appointees and restructure some departments to merge them with others.

Sources added the list has been submitted to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheik Khalid Al-Jarrah, indicating the list includes 16 officers who will be promoted from brigadier to major general and 106 others from colonel to brigadier.

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