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Total chaos in Jleeb as govt agencies nab illegal aliens, street hawkers, car washers

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 3: A person entering Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh feels like he’s entering an unknown world and it’s impossible to believe that it’s part of Kuwait, considering the extensive garbage and neglected roads that lack minimum standards of hygiene, such that the general output is an eyesore to onlookers and become an incubator for spreading diseases.

A joint committee from various government agencies led by Public Authority for Manpower spent a full hour from the General Department for Residency Investigation Affairs in Al-Dajeej, which served as their point of convergence, to reach the heart of violations where they recorded labor violations such as using shops without proper license, in addition to the presence of workers who did not have valid residencies. The operation lasted six hours during which the team combed the entire area.

The first strike of the team happened in a basement, which had been converted by some workers into a carpentry shop operated without license. The workers were not observing the minimum safety regulation, so the officials arrested nine workers before they carried on with the inspection. In many other places within the area, inspectors found the main doors of some shops for selling garments, foodstuff and fish locked. The points of entry to those shops beat the imagination, especially as the workers were selling to customers through those points and closing the doors immediately after the customers left.

Despite the method, members of the team displayed sophistication and coordinated with some of the customers who came out of the shops to return to the shops as if they had forgotten something there. The inspectors were able to apprehend the workers inside there after the doors were opened.

Many of those caught inside claimed not to understand Arabic, saying they were only employed to work there. The types of violators arrested included street hawkers, those working in unlicensed shops and others working for employers other than their own sponsors, car washers, those operating makeshift fish stores and butcheries, restaurants and food delivery services. After the campaign, the officials referred all those arrested to the Residency Investigation Affairs Department in Dajeej to complete procedures for legal actions against them starting with the collection of their fingerprints and registration of violations against them.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of the Public Authority for Manpower Protection Dr Mubarak Al-Ja’afour declared the joint committee arrested 38 labor law violators in Jleeb. He said 10 of them are on Article 18 residency, while 26 are on Article 20, and two of them shepherds. He explained that the workers were arrested for being outside the location of their residencies, noting some of them don’t even have residency and others were caught working for employers other than their own sponsors. He stressed that employers at the carpentry shop could not provide license for their activities in the basement, as well as the car washers. He assured those arrested will be deported and their sponsors blacklisted to ensure they do not sponsor other workers. He also said the committee will not stop until all violators are deported.

By Faris Al-Abdan/Munaif Nayef Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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