From Tora Bora to Nice via Tehran … Terrorism is one

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

FROM Orlando in the United States of America to Nice in France, starting from Tora Bora in Afghanistan via Tehran, passing through Karrada in Iraq and reaching the crimes against humanity of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces in different areas of Iraq and the Hezbollah in Syria, the cloak of terrorism is one. However, it has taken different colors and the turban that hides the wolves of terrorism is still the same even though it has different shapes.

That is what the entire world should be wary of, especially those that consider themselves as the superpowers that control the decisions of international organizations. The epidemic that is invading the world has not shown any consideration for any country. Statements of condemnation will neither frighten DAESH nor deter al-Qaeda, Hezbollah or the Popular Mobilization Forces.

These terrorist farms have sponsors who cry for the victims of terrorism in France and Belgium during the day and plan for such operations elsewhere during the night. These sponsors wear diplomatic gloves which hide their bloody hands that carry the blood of thousands of innocents in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Somalia.

Strangely, countries that are supposed to be international pioneers in the fields of freedom and peace invite these sponsors of terrorism to the tables of negotiation without paying any concern to their crimes and acts of aggression and devastation against societies. From this context, these grand countries are as guilty as the terrorist groups because they offer justifications for the sponsors to commit murder freely and practice their dirty actions in order to achieve personal benefits. They behave as though they keep the poisonous snake in their bosoms.

The reactions that we saw during the recent months over the terror attacks in France, USA and Belgium will never change the behavior of terrorists unless countries around the world especially those that seek to stabilize their political positions change their strategies. Those countries store the barrel of gunpowder of extremism alongside the fire of the so-called ‘human rights protection’. As a result, those countries have become farmlands and nurseries for all types of extremists who are supplied with media platforms and shelters. Later, when the wolves come out of their dens, these countries start crying and wailing, adding salt to the injury by regarding millions of Muslims as enemies.

It is not the time for counting mistakes but it is time to start cleaning up the houses, roads, cities and countries of the plague that does not see any difference between Muslim and Christian, black or white, Sunni or Shiite, Buddha or Hindu. It is a cancer that will not stop without destroying everything.

Do political benefits and narrow interests deserve such sacrifice? Will the passionate reactions continue to pour following every terror attack that hits Europe while thousands of innocent people are being murdered in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia and these crimes simply pass in front of the eyes of the world, which calls itself ‘the free world’? From such an attitude, it seems as though it is aimed to fuel the fire of grudge in the hearts of victims against nations that remain silent while they are being killed.

Hasn’t the US learnt its lesson from leaving Iraq as a rich pasture for the Mullah Regime which has resulted in aggravation of the sectarian war and release of all the devils from the caves of revenge? Will America continue its habit of hesitation while the fire is on the verge of reaching her own dress?

Did playing the symphony of ‘human rights protection’ by France, Britain and other European countries protect them from terrorists who emerged from their midst? Did this make them realize their big mistake of not paying attention to the warnings of many Arab and Islamic countries led by the Gulf countries about the impacts of that frivolous game on the destiny of their nations due to narrow benefits?

Yes, the crime that took place in Nice is condemned in all languages. It is definitely not in line with the values of any religion especially that of Islam. Nevertheless, condemnation is not enough.

A full-fledged operation for eliminating the core sources of terrorism is required. The nurseries of terrorism where terrorists are raised and where they dwell must be destroyed. Therefore, we can stop counting the victims, praying for them and lighting the candles during the day to express our grief for these innocent victims, while the world neglects those innocents who are being killed in another part of the world. We need torches to light our dark nights that are laden with personal benefits and arrangements that hide the beast which is targeting the world.

We have no hope for handling this madness unless we dry up the ideological, financial and political roots of terrorism. This task can never be achieved without international actions which will require the major countries to give up their narrow calculations; otherwise they will end up paying a price that will be much bigger than others because extremism is their killer.

The speech of the presidential candidate Donald Trump is a clear example, as he delivers extremist speech that does not differ from that of DAESH and Hezbollah but in the usage of terms.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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