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Thursday , March 23 2023

The unjustified prejudice

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In the early 1960s, the Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Company announced its desire to employ a big number of young citizens, and then send them to take courses in the European countries and train in the operation and management of kneading machines for the manufacture of bread and biscuits.

I and others applied and my application was rejected because I failed to pass the personal interview.

I remembered my story while I was reading the Ministry of Justice’s announcement that it needs a large number of professionals to work in the Experts Department, and the subsequent refusal of a large number of them by the administration on the pretext they have not passed the personal interview.

The Department of Experts is considered a sensitive and extremely important body as its reports are often the final decision in many of the rulings that are presented to it, and which are referred to it by the judiciary to decide on the technical rulings, whether accounting, engineering or otherwise which the judge may not be familiar with.

The objections centred on the decision of the Department of Experts in the Ministry of Justice to refuse to appoint some applicants because of the high percentage – 50% given to the personal interview with the job applicant, compared to a much lower percentage for his university degree and less than the written test.

Although almost all of the protests came from parties affiliated with the hardline religious movement, tribal representatives and representatives of religious parties, this did not deter me from researching the subject, for my feeling, and the feeling of those I asked among the legal advisors that giving a rate of 50% for a personal interview is mere exaggeration, and opens a door wide for interference of influential parties in the appointment, in addition to the possibility that members of the committee will be affected by the applicants for the job because of their previous opinions and positions on each applicant, in addition to the possibility of the future complainant challenging the result before the court on the pretext of differential treatment.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the percentages on the basis of which applicants are accepted to work in the Department of Experts, so that a little importance is given to the university degree, and above, and a much higher percentage to the written test, whose results are difficult to challenge before the judiciary, and a much lower percentage for the personal interview, the work of experts is mostly technical.

We hope that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Lawyer Abdullah Al-Roumi will look into this matter and remove this unjustified prejudice.

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By Ahmad alsarraf