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Sunday , February 23 2020

The ‘Pentagon’ of Kuwait

Jobs of a choice


The Pentagon, or the US Department of Defense, is the world’s largest government building, with a surface area of 600,000 square metres and its name is derived from its five-sided geometric shape. If we look at the building of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, which is built on the outskirts of the Fourth Ring Road, which is different in form and location than all the ministries of the state, we find that it is the largest building of the religious ministry in the world, compared to the size of the population and the area of the state comprising of various executive arms and unlimited disbursement facilities, creating an environment that may be appropriate to corruption.

This frightening building, whose defects will soon appear, reminded me of what was said 20 years ago regarding the lack of jobs for graduates of the Faculty of Sharia.

The doubling of the number of these graduates has led to the accumulation of this category of job seekers in various sectors of the State under names far from their specializations, while others have been suffering from the joblessness since years.

An official statistics report mentioned  that over the years from 2012 to 2016, the Sharia graduates have outstripped the needs of the market to a large extent, which raises questions about the reasons for the continued acceptance of more students which by far exceeds their need.

The proportion of those expected to graduate from the Jurisprudence principals major in comparison to the needs of the labor market increases by 1,531 percent. In comparative jurisprudence it increases by 724 percent and in interpretation and Hadith by 202 percent, while in the belief and Al Da’awa it increases by 94 percent.

As for the number of students enrolled according to the latest statistics, it has reached 4,278, among them 2,887 females! Do we need all this number of students? Is not there a sane person who keeps wondering why all this is happening in this particular college, which is not a college at all while there is a clear decline in the level of ethics in general and the spread of corruption in every area and in particular between specific classes of society?

This accumulation in the number of Sharia students is disturbing to the conscientious people and does not mean anything to some of the MPs who keep fiddling with their moustaches to see a girl dropping her shoulders in the Mubarakiya but it does not touch their conscience to the deteriorating reality of religious education.

The reasons for this harassment are known, after the non-rational entity of the graduates of the jurisprudential origins, most of them without jurisprudence and logic, allowed them to work after their graduation as lawyers and prosecutors, and the specter of unemployment hovering around their heads. The majority are not fit to work either  in the prosecution or certainly not as competent lawyers.

The tragedy is that thousands of jobs await those in the Ministry of Awqaf, or the ‘Pentagon’ of Kuwait, in all its departments, if it abandons the army of expatriates.

There are also jobs for them in teaching and they can work as imams, preachers or as Islamic studies scholars. This is part of their specialization, but they do not want these jobs. They want certain jobs. They are not prepared to act as imams or preachers or teachers of Islamic studies or in mosques. We do not find among the Kuwaitis, especially the most jealous of their religion, who accept to work in such jobs, the majority of those who do these jobs are expatriates and the Ministry of Education recently agreed to enroll their children in public schools and we see no reason why the children of others are excluded.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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