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Thursday , September 24 2020

The only solution is to uproot Hezbollah

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

UNDOUBTEDLY, the world knows that Hassan Nasrallah is the de facto ruler of Lebanon, and that Michel Aoun is merely a front in the presidency of the Republic. The second presidency under the era of Hassan Diab era served as a malleable tool to realize the policies of Hezbollah, which suffers from a major crisis and renders it to openly seek changing the face and substance of the state, and threaten the rest of the Lebanese components if they fail to submit to it.

Hezbollah is not only suffocating locally due to the worsening living crisis, but also regionally and globally as it refuses to close the so-called “illegal crossings” that serve as arteries for smuggling diesel and flour that are subsidized in Lebanon.

This happens after its sources of funding in Iran have dried up, and the doors of illegal support were closed through prevention of entry of donations.

The latest of such reports came from Germany where the authorities discovered that Hezbollah’s elements have been working on manufacturing weapons and explosives with the aim of carrying out a new wave of terrorist attacks similar to the previous ones executed by this terrorist group in several European cities.

On this basis, Hassan Nasrallah came out last week, confused and speaking the truth about the need to support the national economy, but with wicked intentions to restore relations with the Syrian regime in order to control the borders. However, he already knows that this will not be possible as long as his party controls the loopholes on both sides of the Syrian-Lebanese borders and prevents the Lebanese authorities from manning the borders.

In reality, Hezbollah’s eyes are not only focused on controlling the borders that constitutes a temporary source of finance, but its actual objective is to legitimize its absolute rule in Lebanon. It is well aware of the fact that it will lose a lot of grounds, in the event of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as per the prepared plan, because this international organization will take control of seaports, airports, customs and border crossings as soon as the deal is through.

This is why Hezbollah seeks to control Lebanon’s economic domains and impose its hand on the banks by cutting their numbers by half in order to facilitate better grip over them, and stand against the governor and senior employees of the Central Bank.

All this will lead to change in the characteristics and features of Lebanon, which to us Arabs means the end of a country that we have known throughout the past century as the crossroads between religions and civilizations, and a diverse country that constitutes a true model of coexistence.

Furthermore, the Lebanese will lose their distinctive feature of being pioneers in public relations and agents of most of the world’s industries, even at the height of the civil war, as their goods were exported overseas.

For 38 years, the gang master of drug smugglers worked on making Lebanon his own farm, disregarding all social, economic and political legacies. The local forces have been fighting this for 17 years and were able to put an end to it, with the help of regional support. Today, Nasrallah fantasizes about achieving his objective despite being under the weight of starvation caused by his gang that rendered Lebanon isolated from its natural surroundings and international relations.

What this dweller of caves and his riffraffs fail to understand is that threats and rhetoric through the media will not stop the international community from conducting surgical operations to root out this tumor.

Therefore, the United Nations’ emphasis on the need to implement international resolutions, while Israel continues to carry out disciplinary operations to weaken it along with the Revolutionary Guard forces and Iraqi militias in Syria, was not random, but rather represent a warning message of a greater upcoming event.

There is no doubt that Nasrallah’s latest speech clearly revealed the fateful crisis of Hezbollah. Instead of fighting back at the one who is slapping him, he turns his frustrations towards the Lebanese people.

May Almighty Allah rescue Lebanon and its people from this tribulation which seemingly can only end with the rooting out of this drug smuggling and terrorist group known as Hezbollah.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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