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Wednesday , April 24 2019

The mosquitoes and the conspiracy theory


There is no doubt that there is growing reluctance among young people of both sexes about religious issues, while a relatively small number of people embrace fundamentalism. This is due to the fatwas and the most irrational opinions that have been heard every day, which are being re-ignited and disseminated to the various media.

Some of the fatwas are concerning breastfeeding the adult, eating part of the woman’s flesh in case of starvation, killing those who do not pray, and pregnancy is permitted after three, four or five years after the husband’s absence or death, and many such fatwas.

These opinions have shocked many and forced them to be on the other side of the fence after discovering the deception promoted by prominent clerics. The state of intellectual and religious fragmentation that has afflicted large sections of the Muslims is due to what they hear about stories of Western conspiracy against us, manipulations in our minds and even in our medicines and food.

Recently, the birth of females in our “unique Islamic Arab countries” is tied to the future of our countries, as if we had a future in the first place, or as if women do not make the future.

This contempt in our minds has prompted many to move away from the beliefs, especially with the increase in the frequency and spread of interviews and talks about scientific miracles and the results of healing using religious medicines, recitation from the Holy Quran on water and other things that are difficult to believe.

Therefore, this reluctance, according to Adel Noman in the electronic news, is the result of confusion between the superiority of humanism, high spiritual values, and the bonds of love and communication and mercy prevailing on the human instinct, and the violence and cruelty, murder and slaughter and slaying and vandalism and exhaustion that embraced and supported those who call faith are power and rape.

The following example unquestionably opposes all absurdities related to the claim that the West conspires against us.

The African nations are known to be the poorest, often the most corrupt, and also the richest in precious minerals important to vital Western industries. However, it is the West, and no one else, who are most interested in the renaissance of Africa and its assistance.

In Africa, tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, die each year as a result of endemic epidemics. In the Central African Republic alone, a thousand babies die every day due to malaria caused by the mosquito.

In 2007, Britain began efforts to eradicate the disease, but its potential was limited. As a result, its prime minister reportedly presented the casualty figures to billionaire Bill Gates, who was impressed and pledged to donate $3 billion to laboratory research to eradicate the deadly disease. Today, 11 years later, scientists have produced a vaccine that can stop the mosquitoes and eliminate it completely, as reported in a tweet by the serious Kuwaiti researcher Mohammad Qasim.

The question is: If Western governments conspire against the African countries, why should they care and spend billions of dollars for the health of the people of these countries? What has the oil producing Arab countries done for Africa? Do we find answers from those who believe in the conspiracy theory?


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf
e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.co

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