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Monday , October 21 2019

The Kuwaiti Brotherhood attempts to rescue Turkish Economy – Lira purchasing fever

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 18: A number of economists, politicians and journalists said, “The Kuwaiti Brotherhood’s move to buy the Turkish lira will not help in increasing its value against the US dollar.

They rushed to support Turkey while regarding President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the next caliph of Muslims.” Speaking to the daily, they pointed the Turkish lira crisis has unmasked the face of the Kuwaiti Brotherhood that conspired against Arab countries and encouraged terrorist groups. In return, they rushed to buy the Turkish lira in an attempt to save the Turkish economy even at the expense of their personal and partisan interests and millions of dinars.

They called on concerned authorities to be wary of the danger which the Brotherhood poses to national security and pay attention to their external loyalties. Financial expert Amir Al-Mansour thinks that the move of the Kuwaiti Brotherhood to buy the lira heavily from Kuwaiti exchange markets is nothing but a comical economic attempt as it is impossible to stop the Turkish lira at its feet considering it is impossible for the group to buy lira worth $50 billion.

He argued this attempt is considered comic in the economic field, especially since the Turkish economy has been witnessing sharp decline in recent years, which led to the decline of the Turkish lira to 40 fils or a little more, while 10 years ago it was worth a quarter of dinars.

He ruled out the possibility that Kuwait Finance House (KFH), under its current leadership outside the Reform Society, will transfer a large amount of money from donors to its branch in Turkey. He pointed out the recent purchases of Turkish lira in Kuwait will not diminish the value of the US dollar as some people think, indicating that what happened recently is the result of Erdogan’s confl ict with a superpower; but ultimately any religious group in Kuwait that tends to sympathize with Erdogan in his ordeal will look at their interests at the end, therefore, the rush to purchase lira will not continue.

Talking about the Kuwaiti Brotherhood’s support for Erdogan, President of the International Organization for Human Rights Attorney Mubarak Al-Mutawa asserted this support comes in the background of the sympathy of the people of Kuwait in terms of addressing issues concerning an Islamic nation with the hope that Erdogan will rise to get the nation out of foreign domination.

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