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The five Pandora boxes

Who will bell the cat?

It is said in Western mythology a girl called Pandora received a box from heaven and was asked not to open it. Curiosity or the love for knowledge eventually overcame it, and the box was opened spreading evils that reached many people.

In Kuwait, there are five Pandora funds (boxes), many are those who do not want to approach them. This is in addition to many other less important funds.

The first of the Pandora’s funds to be opened concerns the issues of descent, application of the DNA law while the other related fund concerns counterfeiting Kuwaiti nationalities and tampering with the testimonies of witnesses on the basis of which they were granted.

The third fund deals with forged diplomas, from high school to poor PHD certificates, in addition to the miserable master degree. Although the minister emphasized that the staff of Kuwait University is out of any forged certificate holders, we suspect it, at least in the Faculty of Sharia. The minister did not extend his denial to include other institutions belonging to higher education and their fund was not opened.

The fourth fund concerns Kuwait’s multiple investments, which no definite body is responsible for, aware of its truth or how they are managed. Why does an oil company have the right to invest and manage more than $17 billion while there are specialized institutions in the State whose main function is the management of funds?

The fifth fund which is difficult to enumerate, is the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources Fund, which has ‘granted’ some beneficiaries in the form of millions of meters of the best agricultural land, and thousands of others were granted for thousands of livestock breeders, all under the pretext of providing food security to Kuwait during the time of crises.

Of course, all this generosity in granting of agricultural land and livestock pens cannot fill the need of Kuwait of vegetables, for one day, what about the need for meat and other foodstuff.

The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources Fund came from those who tried or ‘dared’ to open it and figure out what is inside. When retired Lt. General Muhammad Yusuf Al-Sabah was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources, some believed that his limited experience in military matters, and his relatively advanced age, would prevent him from doing much.

But he insisted from the first day in office to clean the body by opening its fund in front of the public, so everyone knows who got what … and how?

But as usual, those who prevent the smooth movement of the wheel by putting obstacles in the way, managed to hide the records including the distribution of the agricultural plots. Even the records of the agricultural land distribution committees were said to have disappeared or the responsible official refused to hand them over to the chairman. It was said that official was supported by the minister.

The minister also froze the decisions taken by Chairman of the authority and reduced his powers, as stated in his statement.

He announced that he would form a fact finding committee after the dissolution of the Committee which was already headed by the Chairman of the Authority. I do not know why the minister, in his statement, just noticed that it would require the formation of a committee from the negligence of the Authority.

We support Muhammad Al-Yusuf, who wants to reveal the truth and we stand with our country, to prevent those who want to distort facts and pull the country into the financial bankruptcy. Shall we allow them to do so?

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By Ahmad Al Sarraf



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