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Wednesday , September 28 2022

The ESCWA and Rola Dashti

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The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) was established in 1973 to take care of the economic and social affairs of the countries of West Asia, with Beirut as its headquarters, and Kuwait, a few years ago, appointed the former MP and Minister Rola Dashti its regional director.

Among the most important indicators issued by ESCWA annually are those related to measuring the maturity of government services provided through the portal and mobile applications in the Arab countries with the aim of bridging the gap experienced by most international indicators represented in knowing the extent of service development, the extent of its use and user satisfaction.

In order to achieve this, 84 government services, which ESCWA considered necessary in every country for every individual, company and institution were adopted.
The principle of the life cycle was adopted in choosing these services, which are needed by almost every citizen at different stages of life, and companies need them since their establishment to close them.

From the latest ESCWA index, it was found that Kuwait, whose representative runs ESCWA, ranked last in the Gulf in the report ‘Electronic Services Maturity Index’, and ranked sixth in the Arab world and last in the Gulf in the availability and development of electronic services. The latter also came last in the Gulf at the level of efforts made to reach the public.

I do not know what our level would have been, had it not been for the intermediary that we have within the International Committee.
Questions that arise in such a situation, and you may not find a governmental answer, were the findings of ESCWA about the poor e-government service, compared, even to Arab sisters, let alone Gulf sisters, is a surprise to any party? The answer is: a big NO.

If our administrative situation is so backward, how can the government allow itself to freeze all its businesses and communications, and accordingly stop banks, newspapers, and the rest of vital activities, during the holidays that extended for nine whole days, and we are in all this bad administrative situation, knowing that the disruption occurred during the darkest periods that the world has gone through and was going through decades ago.

Also, this delay, which is unreasonably long, has been repeated dozens of times, and will be repeated twice during the next few months, and there is no consolation for those who suffer because of our shameful administrative situation.

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