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The endangered species

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Two most senior government officials, most experienced and loyal, have revealed serious facts. Major-General Talal Ma’arafi said that the Interior Ministry procedures in regards to visas for expatriates contributed to the reduction of marginal employment by about 30 percent.

He said Kuwait’s population reached 4,250,000 including 2,000,700 expatriates among them 90,000 who are violators of residence laws. These are signs of imbalance in demographics. The Indian community for example is nearly a million.

The decision to raise the monthly salary ceiling for a resident to be eligible to sponsor his family (wife and children), firm measures adopted by the ministry to grant visit visas to marginal workers and those with low qualifications, in addition to limiting visit visas to two per year has greatly contributed to reducing the mess, particularly in case of the elderly people who immediately after arriving go directly to receive medical treatment in clear violation of the law.

On the other hand, the Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, has said the Municipality has completed 50 percent of the plan to evacuate urban areas of singles, and provide housing for them. He added, the Municipality continues to disconnect power supply for private housing if the owners do not abide by the law.

He added, he has prepared a mechanism to eliminate the phenomenon of singles which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers.

Al-Manfouhi also said the public and private sectors have been commissioned to speed up the construction of six cities for laborers, and the bylaw of factories has been amended so as to allow for the accommodation of the bachelors in them, stressing that all these measures have limited the flow of singles to residential areas.

An area has also been allocated by the Municipality for the company or contractor who works on government contract to establish accommodation places for the workers in the project.

The Manpower and Government Restructuring Program has also been assigned to ensure its presence in the government housing project.

The Municipality stipulates allocation of special accommodation places for employees in the new cleaning contracts. The same applies to companies and they are under obligation to abide by such provisions in the contract otherwise they shall be subject to legal accountability.

He stressed the Municipality has allocated different areas outside urban areas to several government institutions upon their request.

These are beautiful words and most of them have been repeated dozens of times by dozens of former officials, but the government has often ignored the recommendations of officials and the problem gets worse just like the case of bedoun and others.

These issues, if addressed in a timely manner, we would have saved billions, not to mention the lack of security and bad reputation we have earned because there are more than one hundred thousand people who reside in the country illegally.

Talal Ma’arafi and Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, and a few senior State officials are considered ‘Endangered Species’, and therefore the government must pay attention to them through the implementation of their recommendations.

We are tired of the delay and procrastination and reluctance, and the determination to take into account the interests of owners of buildings and malls.

The situation has become worrisome in finance and security with the continuation of carelessness and imbalance in the population structure, and subsequently deterioration of health, education and security situation.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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