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Wednesday , February 8 2023

The day my family became victim of MP’s interrogation

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In the midst of the war between the government camp and the camp of its opponents, or the recent conflict between the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Al-Sabah and the camp or representatives of whoever you name him, means and tools far from chivalry and honor were exploited, arguing that the importance of the goal, which the interrogator seeks to achieve, is worthy doing every act or behavior, even if it is disgraceful.

About five years ago, I held a private party in my house on the occasion of the marriage of our only daughter. The ceremony included dance segments from our national heritage, which some have become ashamed of, after it was practiced by their fathers and mothers in their homes and Diwaniyas especially since some of those who were offended by what was contained in the video tape did not take long after they obtained the citizenship of the state.

After years of this the family party passed, suspicious parties recently took several clips of it, and commented on it as being from a dance party which was held in one of our embassies abroad, often in order to strengthen the empty arguments of the interrogating MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri.

The publication and broadcast of these clips and commenting on them, intentionally and deliberately coincided with the last interrogation.

Although I am certain that the interrogating deputy did not use the same tape of my daughter’s party in his interrogation, the fact that more than one suspicious and unknown party broadcast it and commented on it in bold words that it was from a party held in one of the Kuwaiti embassies abroad, with a clear intent to benefit the interrogating representative, albeit indirectly.

Broadcasting the video tape also contributed to the abuse of workers in the diplomatic corps, supporting the point of view of the interrogating deputy, and possibly weakening the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Consequently, the broadcast and distribution of the tape was characterized by a lot of despicable, clear robbery, and the use of what belongs to others to offend parties that have nothing to do with the matter, and weaken the position of the Minister Foreign Affairs, and insulting him in society without any guilt he committed.

Therefore, I reserve the right to sue the fake and suspicious parties and accounts that promoted the tape as a party that was held in one of our embassies abroad. It is a tape about me and I am proud of it and there is nothing in it that offends me personally, but using the video as a weapon against a person of his stature, without the guilt is shameful and mean.

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By Ahmad alsarraf