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Terror school one … Makkah yesterday, today Prophet’s Mosque

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

AS Iranians are crying out loud asking the regime to withdraw the Revolutionary Guard and Army from Syria — the last of which took place in Isfahan last Friday, the peacocks feel that the best response to the public’s condemnation of its arrogance is to threaten neighbors and some segment of Iran-Kurds in a bid to cover up the internal crises.

Since the Al-Khomeini revolution in 1979 till date, the Mullah regime has hurled thousands of threats at GCC countries, mainly Saudi Arabia. Attacks usually happen after such threats, starting with the explosions in Makkah in the 1980s and it did not end with attacks on security operatives in the Eastern province. All those attacks were perpetrated under the cover of the so-called affiliate of Iran Hezbollah and the ally of Iran al-Qaeda that has been replaced by DAESH.

During the advent of extensive communication, monitoring and surveillance; the flaws of Iranian spies are no longer hidden to anybody. In view of this, will the world sit on the fence watching the grand engine of organized terrorism or even assist in its return to the international community?

Are the recent demonstrations in Isfahan and other cities to demand for withdrawal of the Revolutionary Guard from Syria and Iraq tantamount to an in-house testimony of how the Iranians are burning? The regime intensifies sucking the blood of Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites in many Arab countries.

Considering the operational method of Iran’s spies, it is not surprising to see the modern day outlaws committing a heinous crime near the second of the Two Holy Mosques during the holy month, coinciding with a similar attack carried out by the same hands at a mosque in Qatef. The twin-crime was the smartest fire of sectarian crisis which Saudi Arabia successfully extinguished for the umpteenth time. However, the devils of offensive and aggressive acts will never repent so they repeated their destructive actions. The level of aggression rises up at every point once an attack plan is foiled.

Attacking holy shrines is not new and cowards always use this method to execute their plans. This is similar to an incident in Samraa, Iraq when the Iranian spy cells bombed the graves of two Askari Imams to provoke Shiites to act against Sunnis. Historically, Sunni residents in Samraa offered services to Shiites who visited the graves such that nobody could differentiate between people of the same religion, yet it has become the target of Iran’s extremist allies. The situation is such that revenge was sought for ‘killing the deceased’ — one of the tricks of the stupid spies.

Many groups in Iraq are openly associated with Iran, while several others do so indirectly. DAESH is one of these groups which quickly carries out terrorist attacks on the Kingdom anytime an Iranian official threatens a group or country in the region. Is this purely coincidence or division of spy roles?

Accusing fingers are pointed at Tehran with massive proofs and inferences of its support for DAESH and investing in all crimes against the Kingdom. Iran and Israel, which should be the worst enemies of the group, have always been safe from its attacks. Does this not warrant questions? Up to what extent a link can be formed between the recent threats hurled by Iranian officials at the Kingdom and other GCC countries; and the bombings in Baghdad, Madina and Qatef?

Undoubtedly, the arrogance of the peacocks has politically blindfolded the regime to move towards the illusion of ‘exporting the revolution’. Consequently, they cannot understand the signals that the Iranians are making to unveil their deplorable situation. Deep involvement in unruly childish threats, incubating more terrorist groups, attacking other countries by proxy and boasting about slogans of revolution will never stop the noise of rage internally or demolish the wall of isolation internationally.

The world should stop searching for a needle of terrorism in the heap of chaff to serve certain interests. It is not just a needle but a clear pack of needles piercing everywhere. It is now imperative to call a spade a spade, as well as reveal the beneficiary of all these terrorist attacks and the rate of relevance to Iran’s language of threat.

Hero of Security

THE preemptive war waged by the Ministry of Interior against terrorists, whatever group they belong to, was successful in all ramifications. It successfully foiled the massive destructive plan of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, similar to what happened several months ago when all members of a group called ‘Abdally Cell’ were arrested.

Prior to that incident, the officers nabbed perpetrators of the most catastrophic crime in the history of Kuwait who bombed Imam Al-Sadeq Mosque during the last Ramadan. The ministry has dismantled three DAESH cells which planned a terrorist operation with the intention of making the Eid Al-Fitr festivity bloody and gloomy.

The incidents established strong security coordination, while the ministry, under the right climate, is capable of performing its duties at the best humanly possible level through which the securitymen can outsmart criminals and terrorists to thwart the latter’s evil plan. The right climate includes laws that ensure the officers perform their duties without pressure, such as the amendment of the Provisional Detention Law which was aimed at tying the hands of the ministry during the term of the nullified Parliaments. They wanted to control the judiciary in resolving crimes, so that it serves as a tool to protect lawbreakers indirectly. However, the strong determination and awareness of responsibility to the nation of the two concerned sectors made it imperative to remain resolute in doing the right thing without succumbing to pressure, no matter how intensive it is.

Today, the responsibility is far more enormous than any other time in the past. This is because the vast expansion of terrorism is threatening the existence of all countries. This is the situation in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. Any form of negligence in that regard is tantamount to putting a bogy of blood and destruction inside our homes.

Therefore, what matters now is not only commending the achievement of the ministry; everybody must work at different levels to wipe out misleading ideologies from cultural, social, financial and social media arenas.

It is true that Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid and the securitymen are vigilant when it comes to the security of the country, citizens and residents. They are security knights who are exerting tremendous efforts in this field. They, alone, cannot accomplish the task if this is not associated with the campaign to fortify the interior frontier. If the ministry has the ability to manage complex files with wisdom, it needs support of the masses first before the officials, by bolstering the principle of citizen watchman/guard in the minds of the residents in this country.

It goes without saying that the security achievements are not new to Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled for he is the son of the Interior Ministry. He knows well the sensitive security and sovereign role that the ministry plays. Since heading the ministry for the first time between 1996 and 2003; he has been working based on the principle that there is no Kuwait without security, stability and institutions protected from infiltrations so he has been triumphant.

Today, he continues the journey towards success and this brings comfort to the people, not only in the country, but in other GCC-member nations which are praising his efforts because the security of Kuwait is theirs and vice versa.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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