Thursday , September 20 2018

Terminated by company before 1 year – Indemnity issue

I joined a multinational company in Kuwait as sales executive in September 2017. They terminated my contract in May 2018 and my last working day with them was in August after I served the 3 months notice period. Total time with the company is 10 months and 15 days. I have not taken any annual leave during my time with the company and as such, I have 20 days annual leave pending. Could you please advise if I am eligible for 15 days indemnity, and if I can encash my annual leaves, as my contract was terminated by the company.

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, since you have been forced by the company you are entitled to 15 days salary as indemnity. You can also encash the pending 20 days annual leave.

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