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Temporary work permits of 100 days who transferred to another sponsor and for first timers

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KUWAIT CITY, March 27:  The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) said the Labor Inspection Department has started issuing temporary work permits valid for 100 days to employees who transferred to another sponsor or during the probationary period if the employees entered the country for the first time.

The source called on all employers to abide by the regulation on issuing temporary work permits during the probationary period stipulated in the Private Sector Labor Law.

He explained this is aimed at protecting the worker in case his rights are violated; as well as imposing penalties, such as administrative deportation and fine, if the worker commits violations.

The source added the Labor Inspection Department will issue temporary work permits online in the coming period, indicating the Central Department in Egaila is currently issuing the permit.

In the meantime, the Residency Affairs General Department is currently studying the possibility of granting authority to obtain tourist visas only to four and five star hotels.

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