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Temperatures to drop between -4° to -2° Celsius in some places

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: The cold weather which started last weekend will continue to dominate Kuwait  until Sunday and from Monday the temperatures will ease stated Meteorologist Muhammad Karam, temperature in Kuwait City and its suburbs during the past three days ranged between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius, while the Salmi area on Saturday dawn it was recorded -2 degrees.

Lowest temperature recorded was zero degrees Celsius on Friday in the Salmi region in the early morning hours, and on Saturday it was -2 degrees Celsius. The northwest winds blowing increased the coldness which dropped the temperature in some areas to -4 degrees Celsius.

The northwest winds will continue with a maximum temperature of 15 to 17 degrees for the next three days. The weather will remain cold in the nights with temperature reaching 8 to 5 degrees Celsius.

Regarding the Al-Murabbaniyah season, Karam said: “The Al-Murabbaniyah season ended on January 14th. We are now going through the Shabbat season, which is a cold season and the winds are mostly northwesterly and lasts for 26 days, from mid-January to February 9. This period includes Al-Azraq Week, which usually starts from 24 to 30, during which the weather is very cold, and given the different seasons in recent years, it is possible that this week has already passed.”

According to astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun stating that Al-Azraq arrived two days early this year, generally it has been observed in the past that it usually comes on January 24th and stays for 8 days. Al-Saadoun said, in a statement to KUNA, that the “azeriq” or “azerij” is also called (jar and jar) – which means in Persian four days by four days – and it is characterized as a severe cold that the faces and limbs turn blue. Camels and cattle bleed from their noses. “Al-Azraq”, the severe cold ends in January, but the cold may continue in February, which in previous years also recorded low temperatures. He pointed out that the areas most affected by the cold are the open spaces, desert and farms, reports Al Rai.

Temperatures to drop between -4 to -2 degrees Celsius

A number of weather observers expect a decrease in temperature and to reach between -4 to -2 degrees Celsius with a chance of frost formation on agricultural and wild plants in Jahra, Sabah Al Ahmad residential city. While in some areas it is expected to drop to -7 degrees in open spaces.

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